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Practice Areas


Mr. Shahrestani is naturally eclectic. He speaks 5 languages, has traveled extensively, and has lived in various destinations around the world. He has a professional background in teaching, running a small business, and even organic farming and shepherding! Prior to starting his own law practice, he worked with environmental and education based non-profit organizations as well as boutique multi-practice law firms. He's an artist, a writer, a dancer, and a musician. He's a political progressive. While many attorneys are doing their best to provide decent legal representation in a single area of law, Mr. Shahrestani is a dynamic attorney who excels at providing exceptional representation in four areas of law that are of fundamental importance to our Society. As you'll see, it keeps him alert, interested, and passionate!



Divorce & Child Custody Law

My Divorce and Child Custody Law practice is unique. My approach is consistently open to negotiations while aggressively prepared and forthright in all stages of litigation. I offer intelligent, intense, and creative legal representation in matters of Collaborative Divorce, High Conflict Divorce, Fathers’ Rights Divorce, LGBTQx Divorce, Property Division, Child Custody, Alienation, Abduction, Restraining Orders, and related Criminal Defense. My style is communicative, aggressive, and powerful: the way Divorce Law is supposed to be practiced — because in matters of family, home, and children, we should seek the best protection. I offer affordable sliding scale fees as well as limited scope representation for clients on a fixed budget.



Education Law

Perhaps most fundamental to the infrastructure of a thriving civilization, every society’s Education system must be fair, accessible, and of highest quality. Prior to opening my own law practice, I worked as a teacher at the secondary school and college levels as well as Assistant General Counsel to the aptly-named non-profit Education Not Incarceration. I am a 2001 California Governor’s Teaching Fellow, an honor bestowed on the 1,000 best CA public school teachers dedicated to social justice education. In my practice of Education Law, these former experiences lend insight into my approach to resolving my client’s legal concerns. I offer intense legal representation for students, teachers, and private schools from grade school through graduate programs in an array of Education Law matters as well as related Criminal Defense and Civil Rights disputes.



Business & Contract Law

I offer aggressive, intelligent, and customized Business Law representation in disputes related to Partnerships, Investments, Employment, Contracts, Intellectual Property, Commercial Real Estate, and similar matters. Whether you are an individual or a small or midsize business owner, Plaintiff or Defendant, or seeking to avoid disputes with a solid legal infrastructure in your business or investment plans, I offer intense legal representation and thoughtful, honest legal advice in litigation, arbitration, transactions, and negotiations.



Criminal Defense

Unlike most Criminal Defense attorneys seeking to minimize their own work and speed clients from the get-go towards an undesirable Guilty plea “bargain” where sadly about 94% of criminal defendants end up, quite the contrary I offer aggressive legal representation focused on leaving no stone un-turned in a client’s quest for a Not Guilty verdict. Additionally, I offer full spectrum Criminal Defense representation as well as related Civil Litigation Defense for clients facing lawsuits on both fronts. Having an attorney who can handle such related matters is not only a practical advantage but oftentimes a necessity.

Ali has all the characteristics that one needs in an attorney – but rarely finds as one package. Ali is highly intelligent and has a remarkable ability to absorb volumes of information in a very short period of time. Beyond the benefits of being able to keep costs to a minimum for this kind of review, he comes out the other side having not missed a single important point. He is immediately on target about what the information is – and more importantly what it means to you. [...] He is my lawyer for life! Do yourself the favor of getting to know him.
— Client Testimonial, Feb. 2011