Art Law

I am an Art Law Attorney offering passionate and thoughtful legal representation for Artists working in any media, including Sculpture, Painting, Digital Media and Graphic Design, Ceramics, Photography, Installations, or Mixed Media, as well as for Gallery Owners and Salespeople, Public and Private Art Collection Curators, Agents, Art Collectors, Art Sellers, Art Appraisers, and all professionals, entities, and individuals involved in Art Transactions, Disputes, Litigation, Arbitration, or Mediation issues.

Capable of amassing a superior team of support professionals such as CPA tax and Forensic Accounting specialists, Expert Witnesses, Psychologists for Jury Selection and Witness Evaluation purposes, Lie Detection Specialists, Private Investigators, Artistic and Art Media Specialists, Public Relations and News Specialists, I am eager to provide individual or institutional clients with every advantage in Transactions and Contested Disputes in Art Law.

In addition to my professional legal approach to such issues and as a former member of California Lawyers for the Arts, I possess personal insight into Art Law matters given my own experience as an amateur artist working in various media, particularly sculpture and illustration, and as a regular patron of the arts. I bring this personal perspective to my work as an Art Lawyer to better serve clients. As you can see from my dozens of outstanding Client Testimonials, I strive to satisfy my clients’ legal needs and am distinguished for my abilities in the Courtroom, at Negotiations, Alternative Dispute Resolution settings including Mediation and Arbitration Hearings, and in crucial Transactions.

I offer communicative, personable, and persistent legal representation for clients involved in all manner of Art Law matters whether your Art Law concern involves issues related to Contracts; Intellectual Property Rights or Infringement Disputes; Confidentiality and Non-Compete Clauses; Employment issues; Art Auction, Art Sales, Art Provenance, or Art Valuation Disputes; Property Disputes; Agency Agreements; or Art Theft or Conversion matters be they Civil or Criminal in nature.



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