Compliance Law

There are strong benefits to having a Compliance Lawyer on your side who is well-informed by litigation experience – a lawyer who aims to help you avoid the seducing pitfalls in which others have lost themselves. I am approached by business owners who are entrenched in costly and aggressive litigation and seeking assistance to extract themselves without any injuries and redeem their substantial losses from business arrangements that went terribly wrong. What virtually all of these prospective clients have in common is that they either had no legal representation in the past when it mattered most, thinking that they could handle forming contracts and conducting serious business transactions on their own, or they had less than stellar business attorney representation, which sometimes can do more harm than good. Choosing the right corporate attorney as early as possible is the most important step in preventing business lawsuits.

I offer comprehensive analysis of your company, its contracts, and its legal infrastructure to identify and try to resolve any potential problems before they devolve into costly lawsuits. I assess the best way to help make sure your business and employees are complying with various local, state, and federal laws. In reviewing your personal liability protection, I look into your corporate funding and insurance profile, and I question how well you maintain a wall of separation between your personal and professional identities. The first step to working with me, if setting up an Initial Phone Consultation.



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