Commercial Foreclosures

Watch the video above to see me speak with KTVU TV about the June 7, 2012 Department Of Justice crackdown on the Real Estate Auction Fraud Conspiracy in Oakland and San Ramon, California.

The deeply troubled national economy has affected everybody. Major automobile manufacturers, global energy giants, and even mega law firms are closing their doors, falling prey to corporate takeovers, and stretching out their hands for Uncle Sam’s help. You’re not alone. I am here to help you.

My clients are small business owners, young families, single individuals, or elder retirees, but regardless of their diverse backgrounds and circumstances, their case means the world to them – and to me. I offer aggressive and persistent legal representation in fighting against the banks and lenders to try to ensure my client’s legal rights are preserved, regardless of what stage of the mortgage process they are experiencing. I offer clients responsive and professional communications, polished and persuasive legal representation, and fierce advocacy in negotiations backrooms as well as in State and Federal Courtrooms. With an array of cutting-edge legal resources and an available selection of professional financial consultants, I offer you stellar legal representation because I am an aggressive attorney that is committed to justice above all else.

The best time to bring in my legal expertise is when you are seeking to purchase or lease Real Estate, so that I can try to ensure that the terms of the mortgage agreement are fair and legal and that you are doing your best to protect yourself from any potential liability. I possess an excellent ability to choose among a selection of real estate consultants, accounting professionals, and financial planners who are able to provide me expert feedback to protect your legal interests, whether you are involved in a commercial real estate lease or purchase agreement.

When you are already late on your mortgage payments, then you may expect to have a Notice of Default recorded on your property’s title, if it has not yet occurred. This may be a valid action by the bank, but I make sure to review all the transactions and communications you have had with your mortgage lender or real estate broker to determine whether there is any evidence of bad faith, breach of contract, predatory lending, or other statutory violations, such as insufficient notice or insufficient attempts to negotiate with you before the bank takes any delinquency or foreclosure actions against you.

Sometimes, banks take actions that are so unethical that they may constitute fraud, and not simply wrongful foreclosure. Whether I will be dealing with a multinational giant or a regional bank, I am determined to fight successfully for my clients to try to protect their businesses.

Contact me today to set up an initial consultation, and I will discuss with you the facts of your case, some possible effective legal strategies, and your legal budget to help you with your wrongful foreclosure or lawsuit against your lender.



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