The New Food Movement:
Food, Wine, and Beverage Law

My Food and Beverage Law practice focuses on local, cutting-edge, and upscale Restaurants, Wineries, Vineyards, Breweries, Organic and Artisanal Coffee Roasters, Local Organic Grocers and Growers, Specialty Alcohol Producers, Organic Food Movement and Locavore Entrepreneurs, and the Artisanal, Independent, and Avant-Garde Food Movement.

See 2013 Vallejo Time-Herald Article that interview Mr. Shahrestani:

“Vallejo may be on the brink of a winery war”

Every week, we are all amazed by and gifted with our nation’s burgeoning New American Restaurants, Wineries, Vineyards, Wine Bars, Curated Bars, Bistros, Art-Food Spaces, Specialty Food Trucks, Artisanal Pastry Shops, Organic Bakeries, and Cafes, as well as Specialty Alcohol and Liquor Makers, Local and Organic Artisanal Coffee Roasters, Specialty Food Suppliers, Organic Food Growers, Suppliers, and Distributors, Free Range Animal Meat Providers and Butchers, Artisanal Food Makers, and even the Underground Food Movement. The landscape of Food and Beverage Law is constantly changing to respond to the creative ventures and business structures of entrepreneurs and the New Food Movement community.

Whether your Food and Beverage Law concerns involve intricate and unique issues or more traditional concerns, I offer clients aggressive and ethical legal representation. I offer dedicated legal advocacy, advice, and trial counsel representation in Transactions, Litigation, Arbitration, Mediation, and Negotiations involving Contract Drafting, Formation and Disputes; Intellectual Property Disputes; Confidentiality and Non-Competition Contracts; Employment issues; Property Rights including Commercial Landlord-Tenant Law matters, Community Property Rights related to Marriage and Divorce Proceedings, or Property Acquisition and Sale; Alcohol Licenses, Outdoor Seating Licenses, and all Licensing Transactions, Sales, and Disputes including Licensing Appeals with Governmental Entities; Food and Beverage related Personal Injury and Negligence Lawsuits; and even in Criminal Defense matters and related Civil Lawsuits especially affecting the Food and Beverage Industry, including Drug Crimes, Driving While Intoxicated (DWI), Driving Under the Influence (DUI), White Collar Crime, Theft, and Sex Crimes.

My work as a Food and Beverage Law Attorney is not only based on my experience advising Restaurant, Bistro, and Cafe Venue Owners and their personnel, for example, but also on my personal experiences growing up in a world-class French Nouvelle Cuisine restaurant with a famous DiRoNa and Mobil 4-star award winning Chef who was a James Beard nominee in the greater New York City metropolitan area, as well as my college and post-college experiences traveling and working abroad in the Artisanal Wine, Farming, and Animal Husbandry industries, and my continuing dedication to great food and dining.



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