Intellectual Property Law

I offer transactional and litigation representation that is focused on protecting clients’ Copyrights, Patents, Trademarks, and Trade Secrets from infringement while thereby facilitating the marketing and sale of their products. My Intellectual Property Law practice offers representation to corporate and individual clients in various industries, including Computer Hardware, Computer Software, Mobile Phone Applications (Apps), Construction, Real Estate, Music, the Performing Arts, Crafts, Fashion, and Literature.

See 2013 Vallejo Time-Herald Article that interview Mr. Shahrestani:

“Vallejo may be on the brink of a winery war”

I offer clients with intensive and focused transactional legal representation involving Intellectual Property contractual drafting and negotiations, confidentiality agreements, Intellectual Property notices and releases, and licensing transactions in corporate matters and individual entrepreneurial ventures.

IP Legal Representation for the Avant Garde

When Intellectual Property litigation is inevitable, I offer the trend-setting client with elegant, intelligent, personable, and cost-effective attorney representation.

I offer legal representation in Copyright Infringement, Patent Infringement, Trade Secrets Litigation, and Trademark Violation lawsuits, breach of contract litigation, licensing contract litigation, and related White Collar Criminal Defense lawsuits for Copyright Violations. With access to state of the art resources, including expert witnesses, forensics specialists, public relations consultants, jury selection consultants, and private investigators, I strive to bring clients every possible advantage in high-stakes Intellectual Property litigation.

I have served as an attorney member of California Lawyers for the Arts, and am myself a performing musician, an author and translator, and an artist. Thus, I am personally familiar with the artistic process and the importance of intellectual property. As an outsourced General Counsel, I can bring exactly such precious care and determination to each and every client.

I offer clients with dynamic and intelligent legal representation for litigation matters involving Copyright, Patent, Trademark, and Trade Secret Infringement.

Intellectual Property Practice Areas:

  • Copyright Infringement

  • Trademark Infringement

  • Trade Secrets Infringement

  • Client Lists

  • Patent Litigation

  • Licensing Contracts

  • Confidentiality Contracts

  • Agency Contracts

  • Outsourced General Counsel



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