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Want to immediately discuss your legal issue and have a document briefly reviewed by Mr. Shahrestani? Great! Follow the 3 easy steps below.


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Call Mr. Shahrestani at (800)-510-3916 to introduce yourself and your issue, and let him know you’d like a Phone Consultation.

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Use the PayPal link below to pay for a half hour ($150) or a one-hour ($300) Phone Consultation with Mr. Shahrestani.

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Call Mr. Shahrestani back to tell him that you’ve made a payment and want to schedule an appointment.



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Information about Initial Consultations

You must make an Appointment for an Initial Consultation if you wish to discuss your question or case with me, Ali Shahrestani. I can provide you a 30 or 60-minute maximum Phone Consultation Appointment with me often the same day that you call me to request one, or within a couple business days. I can briefly review up to 3 or 4 pages of documents emailed in .pdf format during a 30 or 60-minute Phone Consultation.

I just wanted to say thank you for seeing my daughter and me yesterday regarding our inquiries to get some peaceable communications set up between parents. You were so encouraging to the both of us. I look forward to some positive outcome from what has been a rather bumpy road. Thank you again.
— Comment after an Initial Consultation, 2010

It is very important that you remain flexible about the date and time for your appointment, and that you are timely responsive to help me provide you with a Consultation after you pay for one. Please note that all Consultation payments made without prior written approval of a confirmed appointment time and date will be applied to setting a Phone Consultation appointment for you that will take place within seven (7) calendar days of the time of your payment, and such appointment time will be set based solely upon my schedule and availability. If you do not use all of the time of your Initial Consultation appointment, I do not refund you for the unused portion of that time nor will I continue the remaining or unused time of your appointment to a later date or time. To commence your Initial Consultation appointment, you must call me at the exact time of commencement of your appointment, otherwise you will forfeit any lost time if you call me late. Requests for a refund must be made at least two (2) business days before the appointment time. If you fail to appear for your appointment, you will totally forfeit your payment for the Consultation. I reserve the right to refuse any request for a refund if I rejected another prospective client’s appointment request in favor of yours.

Phone Consultations are performed directly by me and not by a junior associate, law clerk, or paralegal like at so many law firms. I am the attorney who personally performs all work on my clients’ cases because that is the way it should be. Better still, I am easy to reach: just call and you’ll see! To get started, we have a Phone Consultation where we discuss the details of your legal issue, review a few pages of your emailed related documents, discuss possible legal strategies, and consider your budget for representation. Should you decide to hire me, this Initial Consultation can help you understand the scope of representation that you may desire. In much the same way you must meet and consult with a physician before you receive a prescription or have a minor procedure performed, this Initial Consultation helps us figure out what I can do for you and what your budget is.

I work as a solo practitioner attorney primarily from my home office in the New York City metropolitan area. I am of course able to travel at a client’s expense to any destination in California, New York, Washington, Massachusetts, and Washington, DC for legal representation of a client. Relying on high-speed modern transportation, email, video conferencing, telephone, and elegant local office meeting and package delivery locations in the states where I practice, I offer outstanding and responsive legal representation to my clients.

Remember that whether we have a Phone Consultation or whether you email me, such communications do not in and of themselves create an Attorney-Client relationship between us. The only way that I form an Attorney-Client relationship is by way of a formal and mutually signed Attorney-Client Contract. I practice law only in California, New York, Washington, Massachusetts, and Washington DC. In basic terms, in order for me to be able to discuss your matter or provide you any legal representation, it is legally required that you, your case, your legal issue, or the opposing party reside in and be jurisdictionally tied to one of these states. You can learn more about jurisdiction here on the California Courts website.


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