General Counsel

Corporations often find themselves thick in the midst of litigation when a seemingly Existential question finally arises: How did we get here? That’s never a fun question to ask. There are strong benefits to having experienced General Counsel on your side – a lawyer who aims to help you avoid the seducing pitfalls in which others have lost themselves. I am approached by business owners who are entrenched in costly and aggressive litigation and seeking assistance to extract themselves without any injuries and redeem their substantial losses from business arrangements that went terribly wrong. What virtually all of these prospective clients have in common is that they either had no legal representation in the past when it mattered most, thinking that they could handle forming contracts and conducting serious business transactions on their own, or they had less than stellar business attorney representation, which sometimes can do more harm than good. Choosing the right corporate attorney as early as possible is the most important step in preventing business lawsuits.

I offer Business Law clients my skill, energy, and intelligence, excellent professional and academic credentials, a passion for Corporate Litigation and Transactions, and upstanding ethics – all comprising a name your business can rely on to navigate you through the complex and risky waters of Compliance Law.

I offer comprehensive analysis of your company and its legal infrastructure at all levels to identify and try to resolve any potential problems before they devolve into costly lawsuits. I assess the best way to help make sure your business is complying with various local, state, and federal laws. I question your corporate form to determine if you are best positioned as a C-Corporation, S-Corporation, Limited Liability Company or LLC, Limited Liability Partnership or LLP, Professional Corporation or PC, a Sole Proprietorship, or a General Partnership. In reviewing your personal liability protection, I look into your corporate funding and insurance profile, and I question how well you maintain a wall of separation between your personal and professional identities.

As a Corporate Lawyer, I offer business clients with intelligent and aggressive legal representation during Corporate Securities litigation, Mergers and Acquisitions, and potential Antitrust matters. I am determined to uphold and abide by the letter of the law to help clients avoid business investment fraud, investor and creditor lawsuits seeking to pierce the corporate veil, shareholder derivative lawsuits, and lawsuits based on breach of contract or violation of corporate statutes.

I offer businesses dynamic IP litigation representation. I offer to review and analyze a client company’s intellectual property rights including their copyrights, trademarks, patents, trade secrets, and client lists, to advise them on how best to safeguard their corporate secrets. Through confidentiality contracts, licensing agreements, cease and desist letters, and amicable negotiations with potential intellectual property infringers, I offer prospective clients with elegant legal solutions to help minimize the risk of costly business litigation.

As an Employment Lawyer, I offer corporate clients with a full evaluation of their business protocol, employment practices, employment agreements, work environment, employee brochures, workplace injury policies, discrimination policies, sexual harassment policies, wrongful termination, and conflict resolution protocol to advise clients on minimizing the potential for expensive employment lawsuits. By pouring my attention over all a company’s employment documents, communications, policies, and protocol, I offer prospective client advice on strategies to help them comply with the law, satisfy their employees, and create a more safe and friendly work environment.

I also offer legal representation for Consumer Law matters. I am eager to provide businesses with legal strategies to help them better satisfy their clients. Much of customer service and satisfaction is based on providing potential clients with reasonable expectations about what one can provide them before they purchase anything at all. It is even more crucial to attend to clients’ concerns and problems after they have completed a business transaction. By helping your company to form fair, intelligent, and informative sales contracts, to publish thorough disclosures and disclaimers, and to ensure that all your marketing, advertising, business and sales efforts are fair, accurate, and transparent, I aim to help clients to prevent costly consumer plaintiff litigation and class-action lawsuits against their companies.



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