Sports Law

Dedicated to Sports and Exercise amateurs and professionals, my Sports Law practice offers precise and aggressive legal representation for individuals and businesses in Contract Disputes; Agency Transactions; Employment Disputes; Property matters; and related Criminal Defense representation.

Whether your case requires scientific forensic investigations and surveillance, expert witness testimony, or other creative media professional support, I am a highly motivated Sports Law Attorney eager to provide you with hard-hitting legal representation from the negotiations table to lawsuit representation in State or Federal courts.

As a lifelong amateur and competitive athlete, coach, and exercise enthusiast with years of experience in Athletics Education and Coaching, Basketball, Football, Tennis, and Fencing among other sports, I possess a personal and professional knowledge of Sports Law and offer thoughtful and passionate legal representation to clients in the Sports and Exercise Industry, including amateur and professional Athletes, Coaches, School Owners and Staff, Trainers, related Sports Medicine practitioners, Competitive Sports Organizers, Sports Equipment Manufacturers and Sellers, and other Sports and Exercise Professionals.



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