School Representation & General Counsel

I possess special insight into legal representation for public, private, and extracurricular educational institutions as outsourced General Counsel garnered from my years of successful experience as an educator in secondary schools and colleges, as well as from my experience as an attorney practicing areas of law related to Education Law, namely Business Law, Employment Law, and Criminal Defense Law.

I offer this unique perspective and multi-practice legal experience to work for institutional Education Law clients. I appreciate the great responsibility undertaken every day by teachers, staff, private and public schools and colleges, and extracurricular educational institutions who focus on nurturing their students, protecting their privacy, ensuring their safety, and upholding the highest standards of ethics and pedagogy at all levels of education.

My professional focus is on preventing expensive litigation whenever possible by helping clients to maintain protective contracts, rules, and policies pertaining to all employees, students, and third-party businesses. I offer nuanced representation during negotiations, mediation, and arbitration, extending to clients the potential for leveraged results that benefit the bottom-line as well as the overarching educational goals and principles of the institution.

When litigation is required, my hard-hitting tactics, strong legal research and writing skills, persuasive argumentation techniques, tenacity, eloquence, and available cutting-edge selection of third-party professionals including expert witnesses, private investigators, news media and publicity professionals, and others all combine to try to deliver to institutional clients the very best legal representation in the courtroom.

I offer strong Education Law outsourced General Counsel representation for institutional clients and their employees in a variety of categories including Contract Formation and Negotiations, Breach of Contract Litigation, Violation of School Policy Hearings, Academic Plagiarism, School Suspensions and Expulsions, Wrongful Termination Lawsuits, Negligence Lawsuits, Invasion of Privacy Lawsuits, Academic Freedom, Civil Disobedience on Campus, Crime on Campus Issues, related Tort Lawsuits, and all related Arbitration, Mediation, and Grievance Review Board Hearings.



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