Business Partnership Agreements

In offering Business Law representation to small businesses such as restaurants and cafes, retail stores in shopping centers and city centers, commercial service entities, and manufacturers, too often I see businesses operating on standard boilerplate documents prepared by attorneys at the time of the formation of the corporation. Invariably, such boilerplate contracts, partnership agreements, corporate by-laws, and articles of incorporation suffer from legal gaps that fail to account for various foreseeable and unforeseeable situations that may arise in the course of dealings between business partners and third-party associates.

As a full scope Business Lawyer, I focus on assisting businesses to avoid such pitfalls. I offer aggressive and intelligent legal representation to business clients and am determined to work effectively with clients to draft corporate formation documents that are as complete and individualized as possible so as to try to prevent disagreements among business partners, owners, suppliers, contractors, and subcontractors.

When litigation is inevitable, I am eager to represent clients in business litigation in lawsuits involving business partnership agreements, breach of contract, breach of fiduciary duty, bad faith, unfair business practices, embezzlement, investment fraud, and business fraud. I am an eloquent, aggressive, and intelligent Business Attorney capable of wisely selecting a team of third-party investigators, forensic accountants, and financial strategists.



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