Parenting Coordinator

I am certified as a Parenting Coordinator and Special Master by the Northern California Mediation Center in San Rafael, California. I have extensive professional training in mediation for high conflict parents and aggressive opposing parties, and I am fully prepared to bring this expertise to work with my discerning clients.

It seems that every major Child Psychology and Developmental Psychology scholarly article and professional practitioner can agree that children blossom even in a divorced household when their parents work amicably and maturely together to promote strong and loving relations between each parent and their children. The opposite is also true – children who are raised by conflicting parents, and children who do not spend enough time with both mom and dad, are naturally hurt and confused by such a situation, whether it is overtly toxic or subtly tense.

I am deeply interested in bringing a sense of peace and serenity to you and your children’s lives. As a certified Parenting Coordinator, I extend my professional legal services to divorced parents to draft Coparenting Agreements – a roadmap of sorts to help parents avoid further litigation, and help them focus on providing nurturing coparenting support for their beloved children. I am available to work with you even if you are in the midst of aggressive litigation, and either you, your spouse, your child’s attorney, or the judge determines that a Parenting Coordinator is required to reduce the scope of litigation. Any party or the court on its own motion can request a Parenting Coordinator, often called a Special Master in court, be assigned to a case. A Parenting Coordinator, or “Special Master”, may be afforded certain powers by the court or by agreement of the parties to make non-binding recommendations or binding decisions about a host of important issues about Child Custody, Child Support, Child Visitation, and other issues concerning the education, health, and welfare of the children.

I am dedicated to ensuring that whenever possible the child’s rights to equal, loving, and healthy relationships with both parents are fully supported. I offer kind, compassionate, and highly ethical legal expertise in Family Law Courts, whether I am representing you as your Divorce Attorney, or working with a couple as a mediator or Parenting Coordinator. My efforts are entirely focused on creating a sense of harmony rather than encouraging litigation and conflict.



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