Kidnapping & Abduction

There is no area of family law that I confront more aggressively than child abductions and kidnapping. In the most rare cases, it is a matter of survival for a parent and a child to have to run away from the home environment to avoid extreme and very real domestic violence or other outrageous crimes in the home. In such cases, I am thoroughly dedicated to ensuring that the non-violent parent and child are protected and supported by the full measure of the law. When necessary, I can press for emergency custody hearings, temporary and permanent restraining orders, spousal support orders, and child support orders. If appropriate, I can refer kidnapping matters to the local police for investigation, or to the Department of Justice Child Exploitation and Obscenity Section for prosecution of international child abductions violative of the Hague Convention. Further, I am prepared to bring civil lawsuits against the violent parent in which I may seek substantial monetary damages on behalf of my client for civil assault and battery, intentional infliction of emotional distress, or personal property damage. When it comes to protecting my clients, I know full well how to litigate to the hilt.

More and more, however, I see unlawful child abductions, simultaneously fabricated filings of domestic violence, and even false allegations of child molestation, drug crimes, and personality disorders. It has seemingly become the ‘flavor of the day’ for some family law attorneys to unquestioningly file such scurrilous actions and find support for such by ruthless “hired gun” therapists who will say whatever they’re told to say, or even worse, deeply biased psychologists and social workers who routinely favor one particular gender, race, ethnicity, or social class over another. Yet such comportment is not only a violation of the ethics rules that guide professional practice, but parents who make such false allegations against the other parent face stiff penalties, including loss of custody rights, monetary sanctions, attorney’s fees, and even civil liability for defamation of character (i.e., libel and slander). Simply put, I do not tolerate such tactics, and I take a special pleasure in stopping such ugly practices in the courtroom.

I believe in my clients, I fully investigate the facts alleged by both parties, and I insist on actual and verifiable evidence from both parents at all stages of divorce and child custody proceedings. I am a highly ethical, motivated, and aggressive divorce attorney handling child custody, child support, child abduction, jurisdiction (UCCJEA), transfer of venue, and related divorce matters.



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