School Misconduct

We are living in an era of broken promises in the education system, be it in K-12 schools, colleges, graduate school, or professional programs. We see more often in the news reports of educators and administrators committing acts of individualized or rampant discrimination based on race, gender, disability, religion, sexual orientation, politics, and national identity. Further, so many schools and colleges are failing to live up to the promises and standards of education that students and parents reasonably expect from them. We routinely see examples of improperly biased teachers and administrators and ineffective teaching methods and procedures that damage the well-being and success of students at all levels of education.

I am regularly contacted by students and parents with serious concerns over improper grading methods, negligent or hostile faculty and administrators, fraudulent promises regarding post-graduation expectations, and discriminatory conduct against minority students and special education students needing reasonable accommodations.

Often, students or their parents try to stand alone against such examples of school misconduct while school faculty and administrators are represented by legal counsel throughout all stages of a dispute with students. In fact it is quite common for schools to explicitly state in their rules that students are not permitted to involve private attorneys in their disputes with the school. This effort to deprive students of legal counsel is of course outrageous and arguably tantamount to a host of legal violations, including a student’s Due Process rights and implied contractual rights to Fair Dealing and Good Faith. Such school misconduct must not stand unopposed.

My Education Law practice offers students and/or their parents in public and private educational institutions with intelligent, aggressive, and ethical Education Lawyer representation in conflicts with schools and colleges involving illegal Discrimination, ADA Violations, Grade Disputes, Negligence, Breach of Contract, and Fraud at various stages of Negotiations, Litigation, Arbitration, Mediation, Grievance Review Board hearings, and Administrative Appeals.

When litigation is required, my hard-hitting tactics, strong legal research and writing skills, persuasive argumentation techniques, tenacity, eloquence, and where necessary, ability to select cutting-edge third-party professionals including expert witnesses, private investigators, news media and publicity professionals, all combine to try to deliver to clients the very best legal representation in the courtroom.

I possess special insight into the practice of Education Law garnered from my years of successful experience as an educator in California schools and colleges. I bring this unique perspective to work for my Education Law clients.



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