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With Tech companies consistently stretching the edges of our expectations, a business-as-usual approach to Tech Law issues is simply outdated. My law practice offers dynamic, intense, and intelligent legal representation for start-ups and boutique tech companies operating in various sub-industries: Design, Branding, App Development, Web Development, Blogs, Social Networks, Hacking and Cybersecurity, Software, SaaS, Incubators, Accelerators, Venture Capital, e-Commerce, BioTech, AdTech, FinTech, HealthTech, EdTech, and CleanTech.

Tech Law representation focuses on unique issues faced in these sub-industries, including data breach liability, defamation of character, and privacy matters. The lawsuits that have generated the most public attention in recent years have centered on exactly such hacking, libel, and privacy issues. To try to prevent and efficiently handle such pitfalls, companies are wise to hire top-quality counsel to create a stable legal infrastructure, intelligently advise on sensitive issues before they conflagrate, and aggressively face legal disputes from start to finish. I offer exactly this kind of legal representation. We can discuss your concerns soon by way of an Initial Consultation.

Too many small and mid-size Tech companies are scaling new heights without the safety net of consistent legal counsel. While they may hire a lawyer to help them form their corporation at the start, they often don’t turn to a lawyer until it’s too late in the midst of a serious legal dispute. Such companies are often operating with razor-thin profit margins; thus even relatively minor disputes can quickly turn into existential threats. That’s not the right way to do business. When you hire quality outsourced General Counsel, you can maximize your protections and minimize your liabilities.

Among other things, your attorney should draft all your contractual documents, partnership and employee agreements, and workplace policies; review the legal implications of your business practices and major decisions; and advise you when you’re dealing with employee complaints and minor disputes with business partners, competitors, and governmental entities. And it need not break the bank: I offer sliding scale rates for low-income clients and limited scope representation for clients on a fixed budget. You can read more about my Attorney’s Fees here.

Of course in addition to Intellectual Property representation, I offer entities and individuals in the Tech world with legal representation in business formation, mergers and acquisitions, dispute resolution, negotiations, litigation, employee matters, contractual transactions and disputes, compliance issues, and White Collar criminal defense matters.

You can read more about me on this website, including my credentials, testimonials, publications, awards and honors. I also recommend reading my article on how to choose the Right Attorney.



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