Bullying, School Injuries, & Civil Lawsuits

My law practice offers tenacious Educational Law representation for individuals and institutional clients, be they Plaintiffs or Defendants, in Litigation, Negotiations, Arbitration and Mediation Hearings, Grievance Review Board Hearings, and Appeals involving school bullying, injuries occurring on campus, and other related civil lawsuits. As a full spectrum Educational Law Attorney, I offer clients with dedicated representation in school related conflicts including but not limited to Premises Liability and Personal Injury; Negligence; Negligent Hiring, Training, Retention, and Supervision; Breach of Contract; Breach of the Implied Covenant of Good Faith and Fair Dealing; Civil Assault and Battery; Civil Conspiracy; Invasion of Privacy; Harassment; Defamation of Character, Slander, and Libel; Criminal Defense; and Discrimination.

In addition to offering eloquent and passionate Education Lawyer representation to individual Plaintiffs and Defendants such as students, parents, teachers, and school staff, I also offer Outsourced General Counsel representation for public and private schools, colleges, and extracurricular programs to help advise school administrators on how to help prevent civil lawsuits and properly handle hot-button situations before they conflagrate into litigation. I prefer conservative approaches to Campus Security, Contract Formation, drafting and updating of School Rules and Policies affecting students and employees, Employee Management Policies, Conflict Resolution practices, Grievance Review Board procedures, and Regulatory Agency and Statutory Compliance techniques. I offer nuanced representation during negotiations, mediation, and arbitration, aiming to bring clients leveraged results that benefit the bottom-line as well as the overarching educational goals and principles of the institution.

When litigation is required, my hard-hitting tactics, strong legal research and writing skills, persuasive argumentation techniques, tenacity, eloquence, and available cutting-edge selection of third-party professionals including expert witnesses, private investigators, news media and publicity professionals, and others all combine to try to deliver to clients the very best legal representation in the courtroom.

Whether your legal concerns involve Educational Conflict Negotiations, Litigation, Arbitration, or Mediation, I am eager to provide stellar lawyer representation to Plaintiffs and Defendants. I possesses special insight into the practice of Education Law garnered from my years of successful experience as an educator in California schools and colleges. I bring this unique perspective to work for Education Law clients.



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