Divorce Litigation

For clients experiencing a divorce, dissolution, or legal separation, I am a very dedicated, aggressive, and intelligent Family Law attorney. I am eager to litigate a divorce proceeding when necessary. I have access to a unique selection of professionals to help support my litigation efforts, including private investigators, forensics specialists, certified professional accountants, tax specialists, psychotherapists, and mediators. I handle all aspects of the divorce process, including post-nuptial agreements, child custody, child visitation, domestic violence prevention, restraining orders, community property division, division of assets, retirement plans, and separate property agreements.

Whether you are a Petitioner or Respondent in a Child Custody matter, you stand to benefit from my passion and determination in dealing with Family Law Court, Family Court Services, Child Protective Services. I possess a unique flair in critically analyzing and utilizing social worker reports, therapeutic evaluations by psychotherapists, and CPS reports. When such reports are the product of fair and unbiased analysis, I know how to ensure that such useful information benefits your case. Otherwise, if you are being targeted by unfair and unprofessional evaluations and character defamation in the Family Court system, I skillfully and aggressively challenge such documents and their creators.

As a more affordable and timely response to my clients’ marital dissolution matters, I also offer Collaborative Divorce mediation.



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