Collaborative Divorce

While I am a highly capable and intense litigator, I love working with clients who seek amicable resolutions! As an affordable, time-saving, and peaceful manner of settling your community property, child custody, child visitation, and related family law issues during a divorce from your spouse, you and your spouse may consider a Collaborative Divorce, which may involve filing for a legal separation instead of a divorce, drafting a post-nuptial agreement, and/or agreeing on a marital settlement regarding child custody, child support, spousal support, and property division. As a certified Parenting Coordinator, in a Collaborative Divorce I would not generally represent one spouse solely but rather work with both spouses to resolve their differences by way of mediation sessions focused on culminating in a Settlement Agreement. The divorcing couple then reviews this Settlement Agreement individually and also with the help of separate private legal counsel. After several possible revisions, the Collaborative Divorce Settlement Agreement may be signed and filed with the Court.

During the Collaborative Divorce process, I may recommend working with a unique selection of third party professional specialists to shed light on important questions you may have, including high quality certified professional accountants, exacting tax specialists, compassionate psychotherapists, trustworthy child therapists, and socially responsible certified financial planners. I can utilize the intelligence and advice provided by such professionals in the creation of a workable Collaborative Divorce Agreement to try to ensure that you and your spouse have a clear road-map of the path your individual lives will take after your Marital Dissolution.

I possess strong experience working with high conflict parents in the thick of Child Custody and Child Visitation disputes. I work hard to negotiate fair solutions to even the most aggressive co-parenting disputes, using the rubric of the law to educate clients about practical resolutions, and drawing on common sense ethics and hand-tailored professional child psychology reports to urge clients down a path that will most benefit the health and well-being of their children, now and in the future.



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