Exclusive legal representation for discerning clients.

Exclusive Legal
Representation for
Discerning Clients

"Ali was brilliant in the courtroom, assuming control and extracting the real truth from those who absolutely did not want to give it. He is alive and passionate and at all times I felt that the case was every bit as important to him as it was to me. With Ali, I won my case on every single issue and every single point. He is my lawyer for life! Do yourself the favor of getting to know him." Client Testimonial, 2011



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The Attorney

Justice and fairness are extremely important to Mr. Shahrestani, having often seen and experienced the opposite in our world. Prior to his career in the law, he worked as a teacher at the secondary school and college level dedicated to critical thinking, intellectual inquiry, and empowerment of our youth. After law school, his legal career began in non-profit social justice litigation, community law education and activism. Since 2007, he has focused on serving our community in the areas of law that most affect our daily lives: Divorce, Education, Business, and Criminal Defense. Mr. Shahrestani has a passionate sense of righteous indignation about the abuses of power, corruption, ignorance, and indifference that occur at all levels in our society. He wants to right these wrongs, whether that means defending the wrongly accused, helping the confused see the error of their ways, or bringing peaceful resolutions to turgid conflicts. He always prefers amicable negotiations, as he believes they make the world a better place. But it’s well known that he can bring the pain when necessary.


As proudly seen on:

National Trial Lawyers Top 100 award for top rated lawyer
SF Chronicle featured lawyer
Super Lawyers award for top rated lawyer


Glowing Client Testimonials

Peruse the Testimonials page for past clients’ experiences with Mr. Shahrestani. You will see how important client satisfaction is to him, what an aggressive, compassionate, and uniquely intelligent attorney he is, and how he works steadfastly in the name of justice, raising the bar for the practice of the law.




Mr. Shahrestani has consistently been lauded as an attorney at the top of his field, having garnered multiple industry awards on a state and national level for his prowess as a litigator. No stranger to praise, his academic record is similarly gilded with awards.



Years in practice

In 2007, knowing he wanted to serve the public and practice law intelligently, creatively, and aggressively, Mr. Shahrestani opened his own law practice after working in non-profit, social justice, and boutique private law firms.