Exclusive legal representation for discerning clients.

Exclusive Legal
Representation for
Discerning Clients

A recipient of multiple professional awards, seen on Fox and ABC News and in the SF Chronicle, and honored by dozens of outstanding client testimonials, Attorney Ali Shahrestani offers intense and affordable legal representation, consistent communications, and professional advocacy.



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Justice and fairness are extremely important to Mr. Shahrestani, having often seen and experienced the opposite in our world. Prior to working as an attorney, he worked as a teacher at the secondary school and college level dedicated to social justice. He has a passionate sense of righteous indignation about the abuses of power, corruption, ignorance, and indifference that occur at all levels, public and private, in our society. He wants to right these wrongs, whether that means defending the wrongly accused, helping the confused see the error of their ways, or bringing peaceful resolutions to turgid conflicts. He always prefers amicable negotiations, as he believes they make the world a better place. But it’s well known that he can bring the pain when necessary.


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jurisdictions & Languages

Mr. Shahrestani is licensed and practices law in California, New York, Washington DC, Massachusetts, and Washington State.

He is fluent in Spanish, French, Italian & Farsi.



Years in practice

In 2007, knowing he wanted to serve the public and practice law intelligently, creatively, and aggressively, Mr. Shahrestani opened his own law practice after working in non-profit, social justice, and boutique private law firms.

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“Ali is a passionate advocate who will fight tooth and nail for his clients. While he is an aggressive litigator, he never abandons reason and will always keep his eyes on the path to the best result. I highly recommend Ali, not only as a tough and dedicated lawyer, but as a person.”

– Attorney Josh Bryan, 2010


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Attorney Ali Shahrestani welcomes you to set-up an Initial Consultation with him during which you’ll discuss your legal concerns, a budget for representation, and possible legal strategies that will seek to optimize your case’s strengths and work through its weaknesses. Dedicated to serving the interests of justice, Mr. Shahrestani focuses on giving you the most intense and creative legal representation available.