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School Bullying is Illegal

School bullying can result in criminal charges for assault, battery, and harassment, as well as civil damages for the torts of negligent supervision, training, retention, and hiring of school faculty and staff, civil harassment, defamation of character, civil assault, civil battery, conversion of personal property, and intentional infliction of emotional distress. Parents can bring civil lawsuits on behalf of their children if they are the target of bullies, and they can contact the police to investigate criminal charges against juvenile bullies.

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Academic Plagiarism and East Asian Students: Chinese Pedagogic Traditions Conflict with USA Laws & Policies

In California, plagiarism may be generally defined as the wrongful or unlawful use of the words or ideas of another without citing the original source thereof. Legally plagiarism may be an actionable violation of copyright law which in turn protects the original words and ideas of an author for an extended period of time. A person whose work is plagiarized might be able to bring a civil lawsuit against the offending party for wrongfully copying his or her words or ideas without properly crediting their source. Academically, plagiarism may be grounds for suspension and expulsion from any academic program.

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