White Collar Crime

My Criminal Defense Law practice offers discerning clients with passionate criminal defense representation for a variety of White Collar Crimes. When necessary and appropriate, I will bring together a network of outstanding third party experts to support my criminal defense efforts on behalf of my clients, including lie detection specialists, forensic accounting professionals, private investigators, forensic IT specialists, DNA evidence analysts, psychological evaluators, jury selection consultants, public media relations teams, and/or investment portfolio analysts. I aim to exclusively work with unbiased and trustworthy experts who are at the top of their field and who will conduct the necessary hard-hitting research and provide eloquent testimony for my clients in the face of stern opposition in court.

I fully appreciate the fact that mere allegations are far from substantive evidence, and just because somebody is charged with a crime does not mean they are guilty. White Collar Crimes are very serious and often garner much attention in the media. Thus, District Attorneys often pursue such crimes with particular zeal. My Criminal Defense Law practice offers thoughtful and passionate defense on behalf of White Collar clients because I understand that they stand to lose more than just their freedom.

A White Collar professional has built a strong reputation amongst a network of noteworthy colleagues, has contributed educated and unique talent to our community, and oftentimes has more than his personal family relying upon him – he is an employer and business partner whose work and life affects that of many other families. Therefore, when such a professional is wrongly accused of having committed a heinous White Collar Crime, my Criminal Defense Law practice is determined to effectively fight for his defense with all my abilities and passion for justice.

In a White Collar Criminal Defense trial, the Prosecution must prove every element of their case against the defendant, including every element of the criminal act itself and the necessary level of intent, all beyond a reasonable doubt. What makes my Criminal Defense practice unique is that I understand that a criminal defense trial is won far before the first day of trial itself – it is honed during the months of pre-trial preparation, investigations, and interviews, and in eloquent and researched pre-trial motions and pleadings focused on whittling away the Prosecution’s case point by point.

Simultaneously, I understand that what people need and appreciate in the courtroom is an attorney who is truly alive, energized, and passionate – a human being who speaks to the people and cuts through the red tape. I am a very intelligent, dynamic, persistent, and engaging litigator in the courtroom, bringing dull legal ideas to life and confronting hostile witnesses and oppositional experts with cogent questions that effectively reveal the hidden and most important truths.

Areas of Representation:

  • Bribery and Extortion

  • Economic Espionage, Grand Theft

  • Misappropriation, Insider Trading

  • Fraud

  • Embezzlement



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