Violent Crimes & Weapons

If you have been baselessly charged with murder, aggravated assault, battery, illegal firearms possession, or other violent crimes, you must think carefully about your best defense – a private attorney with the passion and attention required to prove your innocence. I am a powerful force in the courtroom. I possess a unique litigation style: part careful preparation, part dynamic creativity. I can carefully select third party experts ready to provide you the leading advantage over the Prosecution: jury consultants, forensic specialists, DNA analysts, private investigators, psychotherapists, technology experts, and media specialists, all focused on your best defense.

Whether you are wrongfully charged with homicide, manslaughter, assault, battery, or other violent crimes, I aim at taking apart the Prosecution’s case brick by brick to disprove both the required degrees of intent and the very act itself. I strive to ensure that the law was strictly followed during your arrest, that you were stopped with Reasonable Suspicion, arrested with Probable Cause, that a warrant accompanied your arrest, or a proper exception to a warranted arrest was in effect, that you were read your Miranda rights, that your person and property was not wrongfully searched and seized, that you were not involuntarily interrogated, and that you were not denied presence of an attorney at all crucial stages of the arrest and prosecution. Due Process must be maintained by all state actors – the police, the Prosecutor, and the Judge, and I am committed to upholding the rule of law and justice so that my clients’ rights are shielded and their interests in life and liberty are entirely supported.

I offer exacting and potent Criminal Defense representation. I work with juvenile defendants and adults alike, whether you have a significant criminal record or this is the first time you have faced the criminal justice system in your life. The system is deeply flawed, and I seek to protect you at every step of the way. I offer passionate, intelligent, and dynamic legal expertise for clients because I am dedicated to providing justice for all.



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