DUI & Drug Crimes

Felonies and Misdemeanors involving Drugs and Alcohol are at the forefront of political and social attention, so the ball often seems to be in the Prosecution’s court right from the outset. The public needs to see an end to DUI, Drug Possession, Narcotics Distribution, and Drug Trafficking crimes. I am concerned about the political factors at work in courtrooms, in the minds of juries, and at play in various Police Departments and Vice Squads. I hear weekly about police abuses, unfair trials, and extreme sentences for persons convicted of drug and alcohol crimes.

I am a litigator, and not a mere clerk. I’m not simply interested in settling your case with a quick and easy plea bargain and later working to expunge your record. I want what you need: your good name to remain intact.

I am eager to fight for justice in your case with hard-hitting legal research and writing and dynamic courtroom representation, be it in the Federal or State Criminal Courts. I am dedicated to challenging every parcel of the District Attorney’s evidence. Was your breathalyzer test legal? Did you voluntarily permit the police to draw and test your blood? Is the anonymous witness that the police relied upon in arresting you believable, trustworthy, and sufficiently accurate? Did the police have a valid warrant to search your home? Were you read your Miranda rights? Did the police have probable cause to arrest you? Has the State’s evidence been contaminated somewhere along the chain of custody? Is the Prosecutor allowed to submit character evidence against you? How believable are the witnesses who are testifying against you? Have you been provided with access to your attorney at every major stage of the criminal defense process? Do you have a valid medical condition that requires your use of a certain illegal prescription drug or other controlled substance? Have you been framed? This is the unique ethos I bring to Criminal Defense representation.

In analyzing each one of these and many other salient points, I remain committed to probing the evidence against you, attacking it, and mounting a defense focused on proving your innocence. I have an excellent ability to hand-select a network of forensic specialists, private investigators, technology experts, and medical expert witnesses to help me kick down the Prosecution’s case against you from the moment of your arrest through to the last minute of trial.



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