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When your life and liberty are at stake, there is nothing more important than a superlative and aggressive defense. That is what I offer.


My son is home and he is enrolled in college and doing very well. We still thank you for all of your help from the bottom of our hearts.
— Mother of a Criminal Defense Client, 2009.


I am appalled by the way the overwhelming majority of Criminal Defense attorneys practice this area of the law - like knee-jerk Plea Bargainers rather than true defenders of their clients. 94% of criminal defendants accept Guilty plea “bargains” and are never provided an essential “trial on the merits”.

I was surprised at how fast and efficiently Ali works. He was willing to meet and start work on my case the very day I called and we had my motion drafted and filed within two days! My legal matter was very time sensitive in nature and Ali saved me a lot of worry with the expediency of the filing. He was very clear and honest about managing my expectations regarding the timeline of my case as it moved through the court, and at the same time kept up great pressure on the D.A. and clerks to get the motion through. I can easily say that Ali went above and beyond to help me and will be my go-to attorney for all future legal concerns.
— Criminal Defense Client, June 2017

Evidence must be challenged. First, the police are infamously negligent in the way they do their work, often failing to follow correct investigative procedures, sometimes suffering from bias, and as we all know now, wrongfully using excessive force. Second, eyewitness accounts have been scientifically proven to be unreliable for decades, yet lazy lawyering has allowed them to remain a convincing bit of evidence in the courtroom. Third, this applies even more to the pseudo-science of forensics, particularly the kind employed by poorly trained field personnel working with the police department to collect and analyze hair samples, measurements of bite marks, handwriting samples, blood spatter marks, and other crime scene evidence. So much of forensics, not only in the way it’s practiced but in the foundations itself, is non-scientific, outdated, subjective, and thus deeply flawed. Yet due to poor legal representation, forensic conclusions are left unchallenged, thereby allowing this field of inquiry to stagnate rather than to progress. Finally, by merit of the fact that almost all criminal defendants are accepting plea bargains prior to any substantive legal defense, the erroneous if not fabricated testimony of witnesses, including so-called experts, is never sufficiently challenged. This must not stand, not when your life and liberty are on the line, and not when our justice system relies on the sincere adversarial nature of litigation. But as it is now, the Criminal Defense Bar appears to have almost entirely capitulated to Prosecutors who, along with conservative “law and order” politicians, are patting themselves on the back for their alleged victory ratios albeit gained by virtual forfeiture.

That is not the way I practice law. It may very well cost more than a flat rate plea-bargain lawyer, but you get what you pay for.

Of the 362 people who have been exonerated based on DNA tests in the United States, faulty forensics contributed to almost half of the underlying convictions. ... Jurors don’t understand when an expert is overstating findings or going beyond what can be tested and replicated.
— P. Colloff, "She Was Exonerated of the Murder of Her Son..." New York Times, 12/20/18

My Criminal Defense law practice espouses various matters including Violent Crimes, Robbery, Rape, Drug Crimes, and White Collar Crime. I offer aggressive and intuitive Criminal Defense representation in complex legal cases with persistence, cutting-edge research, and expedience for clients seeking the very best representation.

When Criminal cases also involve related Civil Lawsuits such as Investment Fraud or Corporate Law transactions, litigation, and arbitration, I am well-suited to deal with such matters in the courtroom. Few lawyers can provide such dynamic legal representation in both Criminal Defense and Civil Lawsuits. Having an attorney who can handle such related matters is not only a practical advantage but oftentimes a necessity. Your Criminal Defense attorney must fully understand these inter-related issues in order to provide you the best defense. In sum, I am thoroughly committed to protecting my clients.

We must offer our clients who are facing the deprivation of their freedoms and very lives not some limp guiding hand through the devil’s bargain of plea deal negotiations but rather an earnest and intense defense focused on investigating the allegations and evidence and utilizing the facts and the law to ensure that justice, not mere rote work, is accomplished.
— Ali Shahrestani, "NY's "Blindfold Law" is the Devil's Bargain & Should be Repealed Now"

I possess a potent ability to carefully choose high quality litigation support professionals such as forensic accounting professionals, private investigators, expert witnesses, psychologists, criminal justice consultants, jury consultants, information technology and software specialists, and biological forensic specialists to offer clients with cutting-edge legal representation and all the advantages they require in criminal investigations, lawsuits, appeals, and related civil lawsuits and public media relations.

When your life and liberty are at stake, there is nothing more important than a superlative and aggressive defense. That is what I offer.

Ali is the best lawyer I’ve ever had the pleasure to know. Ali is very aggressive and down right knows his job. The way that Ali performs his job is at an excellent skill level. Ali has been great at keeping me informed every step of the way giving me the best advice time and time again. Should you ever have to retain him it would be in your best interest to do so. Ali has a great way of letting it be known he is a fighter and will fight for you. This man is a great lawyer and devotes himself full-heartedly. Ali is very good at making things simplistic for clients which was great for me. I guess what I am saying is Ali is all around the best at what he does and I’ve been more than happy with all the great work he has done for me. Thank you so much Ali Shahrestani.
— Criminal Defense Client, December 2014

Ali Shahrestani, Esq. is a top rated criminal defense attorney representing criminal and white collar crime clients in NY, CA, DC, MA, and WA.

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Offering exclusive representation for discerning clients throughout CA, NY, MA, DC, and WA, Attorney Ali Shahrestani accepts individual, corporate, high-stakes, and high-conflict litigation and transactional matters in Divorce & Child Custody, Education Law, Business & Contracts, and Criminal Defense.

Serving bicoastal and international clientele, Mr. Shahrestani is fluent in French, Italian, Spanish, and Farsi. He offers clients his passionate advocacy, clear and consistent communications, and true professionalism.


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