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Mr. Shahrestani offers intense legal representation to clients throughout California, New York, Washington DC, Massachusetts, and Washington State. Dozens of client testimonials and a list of honors and awards speak to Mr. Shahrestani’s outstanding work and professionalism.

It’s the 21st Century, yet most attorneys are practicing law as if it’s 1984. Mr. Shahrestani works primarily from his NYC home office and runs a tech-forward, paperless, and environmentally friendly law practice. Email and phone communication is preferred. While 95% of attorney work happens on a computer or the phone, Mr. Shahrestani hops on a plane whenever necessary. Unlike too many lawyers, Mr. Shahrestani is easy to reach, maintains consistent communications, and provides relentless and intelligent legal representation to his clients.

If you're looking for the kind of attorney whose office you can pop into down the block to make sure he’s actively working on your case while you’re on your way back from picking up your dry cleaning, that's not him. But if you're looking for exceptional and intense legal representation for a serious matter, Ali Shahrestani is the one you want.


Mr. Shahrestani is a talented and gifted attorney who takes great pride in his work. He is willing to go the extra mile for his clients.
— Client Testimonial, Summer 2017


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Mr. Shahrestani practices throughout California, New York, Washington DC, Massachusetts, and Washington State.
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He is alive and passionate and at all times I felt that the case was every bit as important to him as it was to me. With Ali, I won my case on every single issue and every single point … Ali Shahrestani … certainly possesses the wily intelligence but instead finds real hope and gives it to those who need it. He is my lawyer for life! Do yourself the favor of getting to know him.
— Client Testimonial, February 2011

Questions & Answers


Question 1

Are there advantages to working with local lawyers who might know the opposing lawyers and the judge?

Judges are required to remain neutral in handling cases. Judicial bias or favoritism is a basis for recusal and/or disciplinary action against the judge. Similarly, opposing counsel are required to maintain absolute loyalty towards their own clients: any favoritism towards the opposing attorney can result in discipline of the lawyer and/or a malpractice lawsuit. Geographical proximity is the wrong way to choose a lawyer. The correct way to choose the Right Attorney is outlined in my article. Focus on the lawyer’s credentials, morals, and the value of the lawyer’s representation. Such information should be available on the lawyer’s website. If it’s not, move on.

Question 2

Where is your office?

I work primarily out of my private home office. In the various cities where I practice law including NYC, Los Angeles, San Jose, San Francisco, San Diego, Boston, Seattle, and DC, I offer elegant office meeting locations for active clients and opposing counsel. Office meetings are by appointment only. All postal mail should be directed only to my NYC mailing address: 276 5th Ave., Ste. 704, New York, NY 10001. I operate a paperless office as much as possible, so I prefer email communications and email service-of-process rather than postal mail.

Question 3

Where do you practice law?

I practice law throughout the states of California, New York, Washington, Massachusetts, and Washington, DC including federal courts in CA and NY. I conduct most of my work with clients and prospective clients via phone and email. I am available for office meetings with clients and opposing counsel when necessary. I travel when required to personally appear for court hearings and trials.