Ali Ebrahimzadeh, Esq.

“There is a reason that Ali Shahrestani is acknowledged in the elite group of, “Top 100 Trial Lawyers” by The National Trial Lawyers organization. Words that come to mind after consulting with him [are] knowledgeable, trustworthy, of high character, and down to earth. I would highly recommend him to anyone who seeks legal representation from someone who will “shoot straight,” and knows the law. I have worked with various [attorneys] professionally, and personally, and I only wish I knew of Ali sooner. He would have been the only one. You can’t go wrong seeking his counsel.”

– Education Law Testimonial, August 19, 2015.


“The level of service I received from Ali Shahrestani was simply outstanding. From our initial consultation, to our phone and e-mail communication, to our finished work product, he remained focused and professionally engaged. Most impressive was his ability to see the big picture, while helping me focus on the details that were most relevant to my situation. Ali knew exactly how to tailor our work product for the audience it was intended for. Ali showed passion for his work and respect for me as a client. I highly recommend Ali Shahrestani to anyone seeking legal counsel.”

– Education/ Employment Law Client Testimonial, May 20, 2015.


“A+++ […] Ali, what I particularly liked about your work is your constant emphasis on detail and time lines involving my case. For example, keeping me updated on court hearings 24/7 and explaining every aspect of the law pertaining to my case whether it be positive or negative. […] There were times where I was overwhelmed and felt pressured by the other side, you believed in me and sorted it all out. It didn’t matter how many times you had to repeat or give me examples of certain issues, you made sure I understood and would even email documents to read or recommend that I go to the Law Library to further my knowledge on such issues. During our many phone conversations where I would ramble on and on you were able to calm be down and focus on the matter at hand. […] My final [case resolution] says it all. Through this process I was able to see where all the money went per your advice hiring a forensic accountant. During our court hearings I never felt intimidated by [the opposing party] or [the opposing] attorney with you by my side. You and I know they were less than truthful. But as of now having turned [this age] I am able to hopefully make the right financial choices with what you have been able to [do] for me. I [am] very, very, happy with the final outcome with no regrets. I can truly say I’m a wiser person from all this and I can finally breathe. Thank you for all your help. [Y]ou are a gift to [clients] like me.”

– Divorce Client Testimonial, Spring 2015.


“I was surprised at how fast and efficiently Ali works. He was willing to meet and start work on my case the very day I called and we had my motion drafted and filed within two days! My legal matter was very time sensitive in nature and Ali saved me a lot of worry with the expediency of the filing. He was very clear and honest about managing my expectations regarding the timeline of my case as it moved through the court, and at the same time kept up great pressure on the D.A. and clerks to get the motion through. I can easily say that Ali went above and beyond to help me and will be my go-to attorney for all future legal concerns.”

– Criminal Defense Client Testimonial, June 4, 2017.


“Ali Shahrestani displays exceptional commitment to resolving legal matters. He is understanding of your unique situation and is effective at achieving the most positive outcome. Most of all, Mr. Shahrestani demonstrates a high level of expertise, and knowledge. His cost is reasonable and I have found him to be an extraordinary advocate for those in need of his services. You will not find better representation….as he is the best.”

– Divorce Client Testimonial, May 2, 2013.


“Having never dealt with a lawyer in any capacity let alone a divorce lawyer, I felt pretty much out of my element. I was happy to find you in my web search. […] You worked diligently to get me the best settlement possible […] I am positive it would not have turned out as well had I gone with a different lawyer. You also did your best to dumb down the legal speak so I could better understand everything. Having seen the number of times you were required to pursue […] corrections in the settlement agreement from my wife’s lawyer further supports my original opinion that I retained a far better attorney. Thank you.”

– Divorce Law Testimonial, January 2018.


“Ali Shahrestani was extremely prompt and efficient with information, advice, research, and actions related to our legal inquiries. He has great communication skills and was always available to talk or correspond via phone or email. Ali’s work ethic, expertise, and professionalism sets him apart from other attorneys. We will not only seek Ali’s help in the future, but strongly recommend him for other people or entities seeking legal services.”

– Corporate Client Testimonial, December 8, 2014.


“Ali is the best lawyer I’ve ever had the pleasure to know. Ali is very aggressive and down right knows his job. The way that Ali performs his job is at an excellent skill level. Ali has been great at keeping me informed every step of the way giving me the best advice time and time again. Should you ever have to retain him it would be in your best interest to do so. Ali has a great way of letting it be known he is a fighter and will fight for you. This man is a great lawyer and devotes himself full-heartedly. Ali is very good at making things simplistic for clients which was great for me. I guess what I am saying is Ali is all around the best at what he does and I’ve been more than happy with all the great work he has done for me. Thank you so much Ali Shahrestani.”

– Federal Criminal Defense Client Testimonial, December 4, 2014.


“Ali Shahrestani is a determined lawyer who likes to get his work done in an effective and efficient manner. He shows his determination by doing the right research at the right time and pulling tricks out of his sleeve when you least expect it. His drive pushes you to be more involved in your case and inspires you to keep up with him and work at his pace. His work ethic has definitely motivated me to work harder on everyday tasks too. Ali is a respectable man, he works past you[r] expectations, and I can guarantee you will walk out of this 100% satisfied.”

– Education Client Testimonial, October 16, 2013.


“The dissertation was just cleared by the library and Registrar today […] This was the last school-based requirement for my degree. Now time to celebrate! Once again, thank you very much for everything. None of this would have been possible without your help! Thank you so much for your words or encouragement. It really means a lot to me.”

– Education Law Testimonial, May 2018.


“The logical and precise presentation of facts of the case was outstanding especially in relation to HOA issues. The quality of the response to the claims of the opposing party exceeded my expectation. That is why I recommend your services to my friends who are in need of legal presentation.”

– Real Estate Law Testimonial, November 22, 2017.


“[…] having the right attorney from the beginning would alleviate the need for any follow up matters. In fact, I wish I had known that in January when I first encountered this situation, but at that time I had zero experience in retaining counsel. I have learned a lot through this journey. Thank you for your insightful input. It’s clear that you are skilled, passionate about what you do, and a genuine human being. Those are hard qualities to find. We did have some financial concerns. But it is admirable of you be willing to find a way to work through that, instead of turning us away, and we respect that incredibly. Character has no price, and it is clear that you have character. […] Thank you for everything. I also look forward to recommending you to anyone in my life who might have need of counsel.”

– Education Employment Law Testimonial, September 7, 2018.


“Detailed, Efficient and Excellent work attitude, Glad to have you be my attorney!”

– Education Law Client Testimonial, May 2, 2013.


“Thank you for your honesty and for your true love for your profession. There are too few of you out there who do this type of work because you want to help.”

– Client Testimonial, June 10, 2009.


“Ali, wow. You have done more in 24-48 hours than I could ever imagine possible. I’m actually speechless. I’ve read your [work] over and over and I just want to thank you for all the research, thought and strategy that went into all that work. THANKS! . . . I actually got some hope today after 2 plus years of trying to just be treated with some respect and dignity . . .”

– Personal Injury Client Testimonial, July 9, 2010.


“Mr. Shahrestani is a talented and gifted attorney who takes great pride in his work. Throughout the process, he treated me with the highest level of respect and helped me consider all legal options. Mr. Shahrestani is willing to go the extra mile for his clients and communicated effectively with all parties involved. The quality of his written work exceeded my expectations, and I was more than satisfied with the outcome of my case. With that said, Mr. Shahrestani has a strong work ethic and is committed to his clients.”

– Education Law Testimonial, Summer 2017.


“The county tried to steamroll me with a ten day hearing notice and there were only three days left by the time I found Ali. Ali got up to speed on the law and the particulars and gave more than able representation. The county tried every trick in the book, but Ali held them to their own rules and won the case. It was a marvel to watch. He was professional and passionate and on my side. He was brilliant, both on the law and on his courtroom tactics. How many attorneys are more concerned that they not offend the court (officials, prosecutors, bureaucrats and even judges), rather than to give 100% for their clients? Ali did a great job standing up to them and I look forward to his help in the future, should need arise.”

– Testimonial from a Property Law Client, September 20, 2011.


“An Excellent Attorney – General Counsel:

I have retained Mr. Ali Shahrestani, Esq. as the General Counsel for my software company since 2008. Mr. Shahrestani handles contractual issues, intellectual property matters, and other employment/ labor concerns. In addition to being very knowledgeable, resourceful and highly professional, Mr. Shahrestani is tenacious, prompt and sincere. His credentials are impeccable. If you are looking for an honest, very competent lawyer who has your interests at heart and charges the most reasonable fees in the Bay Area, then I highly recommend Mr. Shahrestani to you.”

– A Client Testimonial, Dec 26, 2009


“I asked Mr. Shahrestani for advice in a landlord tenant case involving my five roommates and myself in our house in the Potrero neighborhood of San Francisco. I was impressed during my consultation by the speed with which he identified the key facts in our situation, asking many questions I hadn’t considered. I really appreciated that he explored everything about the situation before he began offering his opinion and advice. He walked me through several options, pointing out all of the considerations we needed to make. He even took the time to explain the context around why he was giving me the advice he was. It was exactly the informed, experienced, carefully considered advice I was looking for. He left me feeling confident in our decision and like he had considered our situation not only from a professional point of view but from a personal perspective too.”

– San Francisco Tenant Law Client, July 2012.


“Awesome.” “Very reassuring.” “I also appreciate your generosity and flexibility in your fees.” “Thank you for your thoughtful and articulate work on my behalf.” “You were wonderful in the courtroom.”

– Landlord Client in Tenants’ Eviction and Red-Tag Matter, Fall and Winter, 2011.


“You are so cool! I love what you do. Thank you for fighting for justice. You are so needed, so very needed!”

– Santa Clara County Family Law Prospective Client fighting injustice by Therapist Child Custody Evaluator in San Jose, February 13, 2012.


“Thanks again for your rapid response, I haven’t received that kind of sincere treatment by any lawyer or court official….or anyone for that matter, in a long time.”

– Santa Clara County Family Law Client, February 24, 2012.


“I never heard [of] any [Attorney] working as hard as you are. I believed I was right asking God to give me the best counsel for my problem. Again, Thank you so much.”

– Education Law Testimonial, February 2017.


“I retained Ali Shahrestani [. . .] and have noticed his hard work and dedication in supporting my case, he pays attention to the details and is efficient in defending me, he has a higher sense of justice and morals which are admirable, and I am confident we will win together the case.”

– Testimonial from a Divorce Case Client, April 21, 2011.


“Hello Mr. Shahrestani [. . . ] you and I shared a few phone conversations about two years ago. At the time, I was a junior [in college], and unsure about my future, specifically as it pertained to my legal education. I wanted to write and thank you as well as update you. The most valuable piece of advice that I got from you during those phone calls was the idea that I needed to “go out and get my hands dirty” in the world before starting a terminal degree, such as a JD. I took this to heart, and after I graduated [. . .], I immediately began working with a local grassroots conservation organization [. . .]. In addition to running a legislative campaign for them, I have built a new program [. . .] which takes University students out into the […] Wilderness [. . .] for trail-work trips, as well as environmental education trips for “at-risk” high school students [. . .]. Both of these endeavors have been extremely fulfilling. I may still pursue a JD in the next few years, but I wanted to write and say thanks for re-assuring me that the true value of ambition is in how you can help others in your community. I wish you well, and thanks again for your help and your time in 2009.”

– Letter from a Local Non-Profit Organization Activist, April 18, 2011.


“In California, anyone can sue anyone for any reason. I was a defendant in a million dollar civil suit and attacked for four years before the trial was actually scheduled to begin in earnest. I only had a few months to prepare a defense and was absolutely blessed to find Ali Shahrestani in my “eleventh hour.” I suppose there are two critical points in our lives when we need a lawyer – the first of these is any time we find ourselves in trouble already, and the second is when we have the smarts to prepare in advance for things that can cause us trouble down the road. I had the opportunity to work with Ali in both arenas and I highly recommend him, without reservation, to you. Ali has all the characteristics that one needs in an attorney – but rarely finds as one package. Ali is highly intelligent and has a remarkable ability to absorb volumes of information in a very short period of time. Beyond the benefits of being able to keep costs to a minimum for this kind of review, he comes out the other side having not missed a single important point. He is immediately on target about what the information is – and more importantly what it means to you. In my case I had 26 lbs of pleadings – a totally overwhelming volume for anyone – but not for Ali. Ali has a superior absorption and recall ability that regularly left me speechless. The comfort I found in trusting my trial outcome to Ali was reinforced with every interaction. He was brilliant in the courtroom, assuming control and extracting the real truth from those who absolutely did not want to give it. He is alive and passionate and at all times I felt that the case was every bit as important to him as it was to me. With Ali, I won my case on every single issue and every single point … Ali Shahrestani … certainly possesses the wily intelligence but instead finds real hope and gives it to those who need it. He is my lawyer for life! Do yourself the favor of getting to know him.”

– Client Testimonial after Successful Trial, February 2, 2011.


“Ali is a passionate advocate who will fight tooth and nail for his clients. While he is an aggressive litigator, he never abandons reason and will always keep his eyes on the path to the best result. I highly recommend Ali, not only as a tough and dedicated lawyer, but as a person.”

– Josh Bryan, Attorney-at-Law, Walnut Creek, CA, December 6, 2010.


“. . . the Olympic performance of Ali Shahrestani’s law practice to date must be shared with anyone who is in the need of an attorney who has the Brass Spheroids that will reassure you that you have made the right choice in finding a lawyer. Ali Shahrestani, Esq. has been our attorney in a case that a lot of other families are facing or soon to experience, “Wrongful Foreclosure.” My wife and I were in need of assistance with our Mortgage, so we tried to get a loan modification via the Home Affordable Modification Program. After a year of being ignored, lied to, watching my hair turn gray, and basically being beaten up by “Big Banking,” we found a guy to take our side and be the David against this modern day Goliath. We all know lawyers are expensive but I believe in buying the best, pay once cry once, having peace of mind from driving a Mercedes and not a Toyota. Ali has the experience, knowledge, and determination one should want and demand in an attorney. Reading the E-mails/ letters he has been writing on our behalf is like watching a 100 yard kick-off return by an athlete on steroids but you don’t care because he’s on your team. We aren’t out of the woods yet but we have total and complete confidence that we will prevail. ‘We are high-stepping on the 10’ . . .”

– Client Testimonial, August 16, 2010


“I liked your way of doing things better than [other lawyers] . . . I will always be grateful to you for originally offering me your reduced hourly rate – and even more so for reaching out to me one more time when you suspected that I could not afford it. You’re obviously a real advocate with a heart, helping regular people get through injustices that happen in their daily lives . . It has been wonderful getting to know you. Thank you again for doing God’s work, offering to provide payment schedules or whatever so that I can have the services that I needed at a very accessible price . . . I will never forget that.”

– A Father’s Testimonial after the end of a Successful Family/ CPS Matter, September 24, 2009.


“I just wanted to thank you for your time, you really built up my confidence and gave me hope. You made me feel like I have a chance to make things right. I felt like I didn’t know how to defend myself because of my wife and her attorney. I feel like you are the right person to represent me . . . I feel like at this time I have no other choice and I need to start taking care of myself. I wish I would have found you earlier . . .”

– Client Testimonial after an Initial Consultation, Feb. 5, 2010.


“My son is home and he is enrolled in college and doing very well.  We still thank you for all of your help from the bottom of our hearts.”

– Client Testimonial after the end of a Successful Criminal Defense/ Juvenile Felony matter, September 24, 2009.


“Thank you, Ali, for the excellent quality of legal representation that you provide my company every week. As a startup, we are blessed to have a General Counsel attorney like you – your sharp work, lightning speed, intelligent strategizing, and affordable rates give us the edge we need to beat the big boys!”

– Software Business CEO Client Testimonial during Representation in Intellectual Property and Contractual Transactions, March 21, 2009.


“A Trustworthy and Very Capable Attorney:

For my Estate Portfolio, I am using attorney Ali Shahrestani, Esq … He has expert knowledge of Wills and Trusts – my complex portfolio contains both; and he provides very affordable rates for low income people too. I live in the Central Valley just outside the San Francisco and Monterey Bay Areas, where Mr. Shahrestani practices. I strongly recommend him to friends and family for issues in his four practice areas – Business, Property, Family, and Criminal Defense. It is hard to find an attorney who really knows what they are doing and who will treat you so fairly. Mr. Shahrestani is an excellent, fair and trustworthy attorney, and he is a real find.”

– A Client Testimonial, Mar 14, 2010


“A good lawyer with a heart of gold:

He was very professional and caring. He handled my case quickly and effectively. I would highly recommend him.”

– Client Testimonial, Dec 23, 2009


“An Exceptional Law Firm:

Last year, I encountered two different legal matters, one civil involving Greyhound Transportation, and another a criminal matter for a misdemeanor charge. Mr. Ali Shahrestani, Esq. is the attorney who helped me on both matters. He settled the civil matter efficiently and to my satisfaction, provided excellent legal research and writing, was very tenacious with the opposing party, and charged me very little for the work. Better still, for the criminal matter, he had it dismissed within minutes before the judge in Oakland, CA Superior Court. Within half an hour, we were enjoying a cappuccino at the downtown Oakland Farmer’s Market. He’s funny, professional, and brings a lot of relief to stressful situations. His law firm focuses on Social Justice, and handles Criminal Law, Family Law, Property, Wills, Trusts, and Business litigation, transactions, and mediation. I’m having my Estate Portfolio drafted by Ali as well, and so far it looks amazing. It includes more than any other I’ve seen in looking around for a comprehensive Estate Portfolio, including a Charitable Trust, a Living Will, a Pour-Over Will, etc., and each one of these is incredibly specific in its details – exactly what the Doctor ordered!”

– Client Testimonial, Feb 9, 2009


“Dear Ali, I just wanted to say thank you for seeing my daughter and me yesterday regarding our inquiries to get some peaceable communications set up between parents. You were so encouraging to the both of us. I look forward to some positive outcome from what has been a rather bumpy road. Thank you again.”

– Client Testimonial after an Initial Consultation, Jan. 28, 2010.


“Upon researching your firm, I came to a better understanding of what you do. Between your vast areas of practice and your remarkable language dexterity, I am awfully impressed . . . I find your transition from teacher, professor, and farm-worker to a public interest attorney to be both poignant and inspiring . . . I want to thank you for all that you do and tell you how great your involvement in social justice truly is. I know it might not mean much, but you have truly convinced a seventeen year-old girl that a career in law might be for her.”

– Part of a Letter to Ali Shahrestani, Esq. from a Sacramento, CA High School Student, May 21, 2010.


“You are a real bad ass lawyer.  I feel sorry for the opposing parties.”

– Product Liability Client Testimonial, June 8, 2010.


“I had a fantastic experience with Mr. Shahrestani. He went above and beyond what I had expected. I was faced with a very serious situation involving an unemployment overpayment and accusations of making false statements.  The Judge said the documents Mr. Shahrestani prepared for my case were so thorough that they made the case simple for him to decide, and he ruled in my favor. Mr. Shahrestani is a straight shooter and will not waste your time or jerk you around. He responds to calls and e-mails promptly.  I would recommend Mr. Shahrestani to all my friends and family, the services he offers are well worth the price.”

– Client Testimonial, August 16, 2010


“Mr. Shahrestani puts to rest all of the stereotypes about lawyers being the scourge of society and has completely renewed my faith in the profession.  He is accessible, professional, personable, knowledgeable, trustworthy and affordable, and by utilizing his services early on I have gained incredibly invaluable advice that will save me thousands over the course of the future.  He is available to meet whatever needs I may have at all times, easy to talk to and incredibly competent.  I recommend him with no reservations whatsoever to anyone seeking legal counsel across any of the areas within his range of services.”

– Client Testimonial, September 5, 2010


“I have consulted with Mr. Ali Shahrestani, Esq. on several occasions. On each occasion, I found his assistance to exceed my expectations. The primary reason for a consultation is to get an educated assessment of the legal matter at hand. Be it in person, or via phone consultation, Mr. Shahrestani attentively listens to the legal matter at hand and dissects the issues to explain how the legal aspect applied to each issue. He stays unbiased and focuses on explaining the legal strengths and weaknesses of the matter at hand. The legal picture he presents is complete and thorough, which allows a client to make guided decisions on the course of action. Decisions taken in haste can prove disadvantageous and Mr. Shahrestani’s sincere input was extremely helpful in making the right decisions. Mr. Shahrestani is meticulous in reading and evaluating the subject of the legal matter, which always results in a well-informed client. The synergy between a well-informed client and his/her attorney makes the handling of the case more efficient for both the parties. Mr. Shahrestani’s broad knowledge of various legal matters and willingness to accommodate schedules makes him my first preference when I seek advice on legal matters.”

– A Client’s Testimonial, September 25, 2010.


“The initial consultation was very helpful. I was able to gain information, including the relevant municipal code, to protect my rights. Also, I was informed of the limits of law and limits of my rights. Mr. Shahrestani gave an explanation of the law in layman’s terms and I was able to move forward fully knowledgeable.”

– Client Testimonial, December 9, 2010


“Ali, you did a really good job of representing us. Not only that, I know that you were right there with us, you really wanted us to keep the house and win. I really appreciate all your efforts. You’re very smart and I would want you on our side any day, and you’re there and you’re loyal, and you’re a great devil’s advocate and you’re a realist and there are so many great qualities. I really appreciate your efforts and it really did make a difference.”

– Client Testimonial, December 20, 2010


“I really appreciate your time and was impressed by your spirit of going to bat for your clients.”

– Client Testimonial, January 25, 2011


“Thank you for providing excellent legal insight into my situation. Your professionalism is much appreciated.”

– Education Law Testimonial, April 3, 2015.


“My most sincere Thank You for all of the honorable work that you do. […] By assisting those who have been beyond failed by the system and cannot fight on their own, your honest work will illuminate the truth. Thus becoming the first bright light in one’s otherwise never-ending darkness.”

– Child Custody Testimonial, July 16, 2013






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