Ali Ebrahimzadeh, Esq.

Criminal Law

The Debate over Mr. Hamdan: Sources of Law and the Interplay of Our Three Branches.

California Sex Crime Laws in the Real World

California Prison Reform amidst Private Prison Profiteers

Oakland BART Cop gets 2 year Sentence for Shooting and Killing unarmed and face-down African-American youth, Oscar Grant. NFL star Michael Vick received the same sentence 3 years ago for killing dogs. How many years of jail for an African-American youth who kills a police officer?

Why the Innocent Plead Guilty & What We Should Do About It

The Next Step in Criminal Justice: The End of Prisons

#BlackLivesMatter – A Movement that Should Lead to a Constitutional Amendment Creating A Direct Democracy

Question: What Percent of Rape Accusations are False, and How does one avoid Rape? Answer: We don’t know.

The Justice System is Broken. Why fix it when natural consequences will do a much better job?


Education Law

“Love and Success”: A Field Research Report and Analysis of School Culture and Educational Policy at “School” Continuation High School in “Smalltown,” CA.

Academic Plagiarism and East Asian Students: Chinese Pedagogic Traditions Conflict with USA Laws & Policies

School Bullying Is Illegal

Nuclear Bombs for Everyone: School Shootings, the 2nd Amendment, and School Negligence Lawsuits

Political Speech, Activism, and Free Speech in Grade School Lawsuits


Marriage, Divorce, and Child Custody Law

The New Face of the Coyote: Fraudulent Use of The Violence Against Women Act and California Divorce and Custody Laws

Child Abductions, California Child Custody Law, and International Human Rights

California Same Sex Marriage Federal Lawsuit Rumbles amidst a Backdrop of Centuries of Catholic Church and State Interference in Marriage Rights

Sexism in Divorce Court: A Comparative Understanding of the Case of Sakineh Ashtiani in Iran and Child Custody Statistics in California and the USA

Extensive Research: Women Initiate Domestic Violence More than Men, Men Under-report It.

Anti-Father Gender Bias in Child Custody Court: A Saga of Parental Alienation, Child Abuse & CoParenting Failures.


Business Law

The Facebook Hearing, the ‘Tech Company’ Misnomer, and the Luddite Gap in Congress

Keep Your Word: A Contract is a Contract

DIY Lawsuit? – Legal Protections for Small Businesses, DIY Culture, and the Maker Movement

Identity Theft and Your Business’s Liability to Your Clients’ Safety

Mr. Ali Shahrestani Successfully Defends Client in Business Investment Fraud Trial: Santa Cruz Superior Court Judge Issues Tentative Judgment for Defense in Business Fraud Lawsuit

Business Investment Fraud on the Rise


Property & Intellectual Property Law

Overview of California Trade Secrets Law and Trade Secrets Litigation

Overview of US Patent Litigation and US Patent Law

Renter Beware! Northern California Renter’s Rights in the Face of Real Estate Fraud and Investment Fraud

No Housing, No Arts, No Community! – Oakland’s “Ghost Ship” Fire Born of Rental Pandemic

Will Farmers or 3rd Party Repair Shops Sue John Deere for Allegedly Contractually Prohibiting Unlicensed Tractor Repairs?


Human Rights, Politics, and Ethics

This Time We Must Support the Brave Protesters In Iran Seeking Democracy

Of Empires and Colonies: Oliver Stone’s “Untold History of the United States”

The Corruption Report: US Political Corruption at the Local, State & Federal Levels

Resisting Brother Trump is Futile

Precedented: Mr. Trump Fits Perfectly into US History of Elitism, Nepotism, and Corruption.

Argo’s Iranophobia and the Destabilization of Iran for Oil Profits and Regional Domination

Governing by Khutzpah: Israel and the Outdoor Prison called “Palestine”

Je ne suis pas Charlie: Hate Speech amidst “Freedom” Rhetoric

Unwanted Refugees: Racism against Middle Eastern-Americans Requires a Public Response

Judicial Responses to Environmental Degradation In the Face of Late Twentieth Century Global Economic Policies: A Comparative Study of the Supreme Court of India and the USA.

Clash of Civilizations: “First World” Jurisprudence Meets “Third World” Laws.

25 Brilliant Things To Do For Our Planet

Read the Signs or Fall in the Ditch: Good Advice on Things To Do and Not Do

Character is Everything

Tort Reform, Defamation of Character, Depression in the Technology Age, and Other Modern Ethical Qualms

Peaceful Democratic Revolution in the Middle East Calls for Regime Change, Protestors Met with Violence from Dictatorial Regimes and Silence from the West

Obama Universal Health Care Plan May Be Unconstitutional, and Other Broken Promises of the Obama Administration

Male Victims of Sexual Harassment Double since 1998, yet a Nevada District Court Shows Sexism in Dismissal of Man’s Case

American Tea Party Helps Republicans Win the House

Jerry Brown wins third term as California’s Governor

Proposition 19 Defeated by California Voters

The Election Year is coming, people: Please Vote. And Vote Green!

Iran Demands Entry to World Economy, and Iran Deal Is The Ticket

What Real Democracy Looks Like: You at Your Laptop Making Stuff Happen

Tort-Reform: Why Other Peoples’ Lawsuits Cost Us So Much Money & What To Do About It

Lowering the Age of Consent is a Children’s Rights Issue

My 2016 California Voter Guide

My 2016 Massachusetts and Washington DC Voter Guides


Other Interesting Reads

Artisanal Coffee and Chocolate: My Silent Partners

Buddhism and the Practice of Law

Be a Good Client: A Video Game Analogy on Winning Your Legal Battles

So You Want to Be a Lawyer?

The Law Lags Behind Tech, but Justice and Nature Demand Otherwise


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