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I am a progressive Education Law attorney offering individuals and academic institutions, Plaintiffs and Defendants alike, with outstanding attorney representation in Academic Plagiarism matters as well as related Intellectual Property and Criminal Defense lawsuits. To arrange an Initial Consultation appointment with me regarding your Academic Plagiarism concerns, please go to my Consultation page and follow the quick and easy steps.

I am a passionate Education Law attorney offering intelligent legal representation in negotiations, administrative hearings, Grievance Review Board hearings, and related lawsuits to individual and institutional clients bringing or facing plagiarism allegations at all levels of grade school, secondary school, college, university, graduate school, and professional school including law school, medical school, journalism school, and business school.

“There is a reason that Ali Shahrestani is acknowledged in the elite group of, “Top 100 Trial Lawyers” by The National Trial Lawyers organization. Words that come to mind after consulting with him [are] knowledgeable, trustworthy, of high character, and down to earth. I would highly recommend him to anyone who seeks legal representation from someone who will “shoot straight,” and knows the law. I have worked with various [attorneys] professionally, and personally, and I only wish I knew of Ali sooner. He would have been the only one. You can’t go wrong seeking his counsel.”

– Education Law Testimonial, August 19, 2015.

Plagiarism involves the copying or using of another person’s words or ideas without providing full credit and citation for the source thereof. Often schools educate their students about how to avoid plagiarism, and school policies discussing the violation and punishment of plagiarism are published in pamphlets distributed electronically to all students. Students who violate these rules may be subject to punishment including suspension or expulsion, and students who plagiarize may also be subject to civil and even criminal lawsuits related to plagiarism such as copyright violation.

To best protect themselves from liability concerns, schools should make sure to properly educate their students about how to avoid plagiarizing and ensure that their school policies and rules are sufficiently vocal on these issues and widely distributed and read by their students. Further, schools should make sure to fully, accurately, and fairly investigate and punish acts of plagiarism. Similarly, scholars at all levels of education should make sure to understand the rules against plagiarism and carefully cite the original source of all words and ideas they utilize in their work products.


“I never heard [of] any [Attorney] working as hard as you are. I believed I was right asking God to give me the best counsel for my problem. Again, Thank you so much.”

– Education Law Testimonial, February 2017.


Education Law Attorney Mr. Ali Shahrestani

I am a former California educator with successful teaching experience in secondary school and college classrooms, as well as extensive experience in Summer programs, after-school learning programs, arts and music education, and extracurricular sports coaching. I received the California Governor’s Teaching Award which was granted to the 1,000 best California teachers committed to social justice in under-served public school systems.

I bring this insider’s perspective to my practice of Education Law for clients in plagiarism related actions at all levels of education from primary school through graduate school. As a full scale litigation, negotiations, and mediation Education Law Attorney, I am eager to provide individual and institutional clients with tenacious and erudite attorney representation at all stages of the legal process. I aim to guide clients through plagiarism negotiations with academic colleagues, school counselors and administrators, legal representation at Grievance Review Board Hearings and Appeal Hearings, and litigation representation in Education Lawsuits involving plagiarism.

“. . . Mr. Shahrestani attentively listens to the legal matter at hand and dissects the issues to explain how the legal aspect applied to each issue. . . The legal picture he presents is complete and thorough. . . Mr. Shahrestani is meticulous in reading and evaluating the subject of the legal matter. . . Mr. Shahrestani’s broad knowledge of various legal matters and willingness to accommodate schedules makes him my first preference when I seek advice on legal matters.”

– Education Law Client Testimonial, September 25, 2010.

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