Education Law Introduction

I am an aggressive Education Law Attorney capable of handling an array of matters for Schools, Students, and Staff involved in serious academic disputes at the primary school, secondary school, and university levels.

I have a unique first-hand understanding of such matters. Prior to my profession as an Attorney, I served my community as a teacher at the Middle School, High School, and University levels. I was one of 1,000 California Governor’s Teaching Fellowship recipients for my dedication to teaching “at-risk” youth in Continuation High Schools and under-served cities.

I am a passionate litigator when necessary as well as a dedicated negotiator focused on bringing opposing parties to the table to avoid costly and protracted courtroom battles. I invite you to discuss your legal issues with me at a Consultation.


“. . . Mr. Shahrestani attentively listens to the legal matter at hand and dissects the issues to explain how the legal aspect applied to each issue. . . The legal picture he presents is complete and thorough. . . Mr. Shahrestani is meticulous in reading and evaluating the subject of the legal matter. . . Mr. Shahrestani’s broad knowledge of various legal matters and willingness to accommodate schedules makes him my first preference when I seek advice on legal matters.”

– Education Law Client Testimonial, September 25, 2010.


Education Law Practice Areas:


“Detailed, Efficient and Excellent work attitude, Glad to have you be my attorney!”

– Education Law Client Testimonial, May 2, 2013.


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“Ali Shahrestani is a determined lawyer who likes to get his work done in an effective and efficient manner. He shows his determination by doing the right research at the right time and pulling tricks out of his sleeve when you least expect it. His drive pushes you to be more involved in your case and inspires you to keep up with him and work at his pace. His work ethic has definitely motivated me to work harder on everyday tasks too. Ali is a respectable man, he works past you[r] expectations, and I can guarantee you will walk out of this 100% satisfied.”

– Education Client Testimonial, October 16, 2013.

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