Community Property

When it comes to splitting Community Property and Assets, and determining Spousal Support and Child Support, the DissoMaster software application is only the starting point. I present prospective clients with the advantage of my intelligence and assertiveness as a Divorce Attorney who will find and analyze focused case law, cite the proper statutory authorities, and make highly educated, well-prepared, and creative arguments to resolve your Community Property and Spousal Support disputes fairly and efficiently.

“A+++ […] Ali, what I particularly liked about your work is your constant emphasis on detail and time lines involving my case. For example, keeping me updated on court hearings 24/7 and explaining every aspect of the law pertaining to my case whether it be positive or negative. […] There were times where I was overwhelmed and felt pressured by the other side, you believed in me and sorted it all out. It didn’t matter how many times you had to repeat or give me examples of certain issues, you made sure I understood and would even email documents to read or recommend that I go to the Law Library to further my knowledge on such issues. During our many phone conversations where I would ramble on and on you were able to calm be down and focus on the matter at hand. […] My final [case resolution] says it all. Through this process I was able to see where all the money went per your advice hiring a forensic accountant. During our court hearings I never felt intimidated by [the opposing party] or [the opposing] attorney with you by my side. You and I know they were less than truthful. But as of now having turned [this age] I am able to hopefully make the right financial choices with what you have been able to [do] for me. I [am] very, very, happy with the final outcome with no regrets. I can truly say I’m a wiser person from all this and I can finally breathe. Thank you for all your help. [Y]ou are a gift to [clients] like me.”

– Divorce Client Testimonial, Spring 2015.

I am a very ethical, aggressive, and intelligent Divorce and Community Property Attorney. Whether you are litigating or negotiating issues related to Alimony, Spousal Support, Child Support, Separate Property, or Community Property assets, including Real Estate, Retirement Funds, Investment Portfolios, Fine Art, Personal Property, Collectibles, Automobiles, or Savings Accounts, I am eager to try to ensure your financial security during divorce proceedings.

Ultimately, my goal is to make the process of Community Property division as effective and fair as possible for my clients. To that end, I encourage and offer in-house alternative dispute resolution, such as professional arbitration and mediation services, to resolve such matters between divorcing couples. I also offer expert Post-Nuptial Agreements and Pre-Nuptial Agreements that are designed to prevent as many financial disputes as possible, so that you and your spouse can focus on making the far more important personal decisions that suit your relationship, rather than litigate about property division.

When litigation is required, however, I come prepared. I have access to a great selection of support professionals, including financial planners, certified professional accountants (CPA’s), jury consultants, mediators, and arbitrators, who possess the intelligence, experience, and ethics that I require to help me bring you strong legal representation and to sort through your Community Property and Spousal Support disputes during your Divorce. Most importantly, I am a hard-hitting, intelligent, and persistent advocate of my client’s financial rights, thus allowing my clients to rest assured and work with confidence.



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