Theft, Robbery, Larceny

When you are wrongfully charged with a Theft Felony, whether you are a juvenile or adult, you are potentially facing years of time in prison. I know full well that the legal system is deeply flawed. Unlawfully convicted criminals enter jails scared and depressed, and sometimes they leave hardened and rejected, ever more likely to return to prison for the commission of a serious crime.

“This letter is to let all know that Ali is the best lawyer I’ve ever had the pleasure to know. Ali is very aggressive and down right knows his job. The way that Ali performs his job is at an excellent skill level. Ali has been great at keeping me informed every step of the way giving me the best advice time and time again. Should you ever have to retain him it would be in your best interest to do so. Ali has a great way of letting it be known he is a fighter and will fight for you. This man is a great lawyer and devotes himself full-heartedly. Ali is very good at making things simplistic for clients which was great for me. I guess what I am saying is Ali is all around the best at what he does and I’ve been more than happy with all the great work he has done for me. Thank you so much Ali Shahrestani.”

– Federal Criminal Defense Client Testimonial, December 4, 2014.

I do my best to keep my clients out of this deadly loop. When you are wrongfully charged with Robbery, Breaking and Entering, Larceny, Grand Theft Auto, Shoplifting, or Misdemeanor Theft, I offer you aggressive, intelligent, and dynamic legal expertise to fight the Prosecution every step of the way.

Capable of selecting very high quality professional experts such as forensic analysts, private investigators, therapists, and jury consultants, I am dedicated to trying to turn the most dire situation into something truly amazing. I have represented various criminal defense clients facing substantial jail time and have achieved strong results including dismissals and major reductions in penalties, turning years of adult jail time to mere months of juvenile rehabilitation, or a year or more of jail to a few weekends of community service.

My focus, however, remains on keeping your record clear in the first place rather than guiding you through the expungement process later. That is why I employ an aggressive and intelligent analysis of your case, persevering to ensure that all your Constitutional rights are upheld during your arrest, interrogation, and trial. I am eager to take full advantage of every bit of police misconduct, using such governmental errors to bolster your perfect defense, and even turn such police mistakes into good reasons for you to bring a civil lawsuit seeking monetary damages for Police Brutality, invasion of privacy, and even defamation of character.

I will passionately strive to unmask corrupt officers, to take apart the Prosecution’s case brick by brick, and to convince the Court of your innocence with every statement and question I ask during your trial. I fight doggedly for your defense.

“I was surprised at how fast and efficiently Ali works. He was willing to meet and start work on my case the very day I called and we had my motion drafted and filed within two days! My legal matter was very time sensitive in nature and Ali saved me a lot of worry with the expediency of the filing. He was very clear and honest about managing my expectations regarding the timeline of my case as it moved through the court, and at the same time kept up great pressure on the D.A. and clerks to get the motion through. I can easily say that Ali went above and beyond to help me and will be my go-to attorney for all future legal concerns.”

– Criminal Defense Client Testimonial, June 4, 2017.



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