Criminal Appeals

When you’ve been convicted of a crime, you must act immediately to appeal the verdict because there are strict deadlines for the filing of appeals. Your appeal may be based on various violations of due process or issues of law that may have occurred during your Criminal trial, such as Juror Misconduct, Prosecutorial Misconduct, Ineffective Assistance of Counsel, or a Judge’s Abuse of Discretion or misapplication of the law.


“Ali is the best lawyer I’ve ever had the pleasure to know. Ali is very aggressive and down right knows his job. The way that Ali performs his job is at an excellent skill level. Ali has been great at keeping me informed every step of the way giving me the best advice time and time again. Should you ever have to retain him it would be in your best interest to do so. Ali has a great way of letting it be known he is a fighter and will fight for you. This man is a great lawyer and devotes himself full-heartedly. Ali is very good at making things simplistic for clients which was great for me. I guess what I am saying is Ali is all around the best at what he does and I’ve been more than happy with all the great work he has done for me. Thank you so much Ali Shahrestani.”

– Federal Criminal Defense Client Testimonial, December 4, 2014.


It may be necessary to investigate juror behavior during your trial to determine if there were any problems concerning discrimination or bias, media influence, or impermissible juror communications with the prosecution or other parties outside the courtroom. It may be important to carefully analyze the Criminal Defense trial transcript to uncover any judicial bias, procedural irregularities, or tainting of the evidence. It may be key to consider how well you were represented at trial by your Criminal Defense Attorney, and whether he or she failed to provide you with an adequate and reasonable defense. Most importantly, it may be crucial to analyze the judge’s ruling or the jury’s verdict to see if the rule of law was followed, or if it was recklessly disregarded.

By scrutinizing a criminal trial piece by piece, I strive to understand the best way to bring an appeal of a criminal conviction. I am tireless and focused in fighting for justice for my clients.

Judge Jed Rakoff, a federal judge at the US District Court for the Southern District of New York, wrote a fantastic article in November 2014 for The New York Review of Books entitled “Why Innocent People Plead Guilty“. Shortly after, he provided an interview about the topic to AlterNet, an online magazine. In it, he discussed how federal criminal defendants accept plea bargains 97% of the time and on average state criminal defendants accept them 94% of the time. The AlterNet article points out: “Of the 1476 exonerations tracked by the University of Michigan Law School’s National Registry of Exonerations since 1989, 13 percent of innocent defendants provided false confessions.” See

– From “Why the Innocent Plead Guilty & What We Should Do About It” by Ali Shahrestani.



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