Commercial Leases

I offer attorney representation for commercial Landlords and Tenants in unlawful detainer, unlawful eviction, breach of contract, discrimination, and premises liability lawsuits in State and Federal courts. I also offer exacting legal advice for real estate professionals, investors, and landlords in drafting commercial real estate lease contracts, rental agreements, real estate purchase agreements, and tenant eviction notices, all focused on trying to prevent real estate lawsuits by advising strict compliance with federal, state, and municipal commercial real estate laws and best practices.

“Ali Shahrestani was extremely prompt and efficient with information, advice, research, and actions related to our legal inquiries. He has great communication skills and was always available to talk or correspond via phone or email. Ali’s work ethic, expertise, and professionalism sets him apart from other attorneys. We will not only seek Ali’s help in the future, but strongly recommend him for other people or entities seeking legal services.”

– Corporate Client Testimonial, December 8, 2014.

It is crucial to have an intelligent attorney represent you as early as possible in any transaction or lawsuit involving a commercial real estate lease. I offer transactional representation in an array of situations, including commercial real estate lease agreements, construction and renovation contracts, and investment agreements. By having the benefit of attorney supervision at the transactional phase, you may solidify your rights, seek to limit your obligations, and generally try to safeguard yourself from having to deal later with expensive and stressful lawsuits.

“Ali Shahrestani is a determined lawyer who likes to get his work done in an effective and efficient manner. He shows his determination by doing the right research at the right time and pulling tricks out of his sleeve when you least expect it. His drive pushes you to be more involved in your case and inspires you to keep up with him and work at his pace. His work ethic has definitely motivated me to work harder on everyday tasks too. Ali is a respectable man, he works past you[r] expectations, and I can guarantee you will walk out of this 100% satisfied.”

– Client Testimonial, October 16, 2013.

My passion and skills make me a powerful ally in the courtroom as well as a fierce opponent. With my strong ability to carefully select among an array of litigation support professionals including forensic specialists, certified professional accountants, private investigators, lie detection experts, computer specialists, and investment analysts, I aim to give my clients the confidence that they will be well represented in the courtroom. Please read some of my clients’ Testimonials.

To schedule an Initial Consultation with me, please visit my Consultation webpage.

“The logical and precise presentation of facts of the case was outstanding especially in relation to HOA issues. The quality of the response to the claims of the opposing party exceeded my expectation. That is why I recommend your services to my friends who are in need of legal presentation.”

– Real Estate Law Testimonial, November 22, 2017.


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