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No matter how well an Entrepreneur may run a business or investment entity, seemingly anyone can sue him or her: an employee, a distributor, a contractor, a client, a passerby, the bank, or even a business partner. And not only may they sue the business itself as a corporate entity, be it a Corporation, Limited Liability Company (LLC), Limited Liability Partnership (LLP), or a Professional Corporation, but they may also sue the business owner as an individual whether he or she has made a mistake or not.

As a full-scope Business, Real Estate, and Contracts Litigation Attorney offering aggressive and eloquent representation for discerning clients, I am eager and prepared to provide Plaintiffs and Defendants with responsive and engaged legal representation in litigation involving Business Contracts, Employment Complaints, Compliance Issues, IP Disputes, Partnership Agreements, Contractor Disputes, Commercial or Residential Real Estate Contracts, HOA Disputes, Investment Fraud, Commercial or Residential Foreclosures, and related matters. Whether you are facing a dispute prior to any legal complaints being filed or whether you are weeks away from trial, I possess the dynamism, experience, intensity, and eloquence to help you through the dispute towards a just resolution.

“The level of service I received from Ali Shahrestani was simply outstanding. From our initial consultation, to our phone and e-mail communication, to our finished work product, he remained focused and professionally engaged. Most impressive was his ability to see the big picture, while helping me focus on the details that were most relevant to my situation. Ali knew exactly how to tailor our work product for the audience it was intended for. Ali showed passion for his work and respect for me as a client. I highly recommend Ali Shahrestani to anyone seeking legal counsel.”

– Education/ Employment Law Client Testimonial, May 20, 2015.

Eager to drive your lawsuit past the obstacles that might otherwise defeat it in the hands of the average law firm, I am very capable of enlisting a brilliant team of third-party Litigation personnel, including courtroom psychologists focused on carefully selecting jury members, audio-visual experts bringing your most favorable facts to light before a judge’s eyes, forensic accountants who scan reams of spreadsheets in search of financial evidence to best support your case, business experts proficient in securities investments and mergers and acquisitions, and private investigators ready to legally ferret out your opponent’s questionable agenda or activities.

Too often I see commonplace law firms dragging their feet in litigation, missing key opportunities in high-pressure negotiations and Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) hearings, such as mediation or arbitration, or needlessly expanding the scope of litigation so much so that one must wonder at their motivations.

As a Litigator with impeccable ethics, I am sternly dedicated to achieving top results for clients as my first priority, nothing less. Whether in the courtroom or at the negotiations table, I bring sharp pleadings, incisive legal arguments, and graceful persistence on behalf of clients, be they small businesses or large, Plaintiffs or Defendants. I am a professional and intelligent Business, Real Estate, and Contracts Lawyer focused on providing powerful legal representation rather than run-of-the-mill table-pounding and puffery.

“In California, anyone can sue anyone for any reason. I was a defendant in a million dollar civil suit and attacked for four years before the trial was actually scheduled to begin in earnest. I only had a few months to prepare a defense and was absolutely blessed to find Ali Shahrestani in my “eleventh hour.” I suppose there are two critical points in our lives when we need a lawyer – the first of these is any time we find ourselves in trouble already, and the second is when we have the smarts to prepare in advance for things that can cause us trouble down the road. I had the opportunity to work with Ali in both arenas and I highly recommend him, without reservation, to you. Ali has all the characteristics that one needs in an attorney – but rarely finds as one package. Ali is highly intelligent and has a remarkable ability to absorb volumes of information in a very short period of time. Beyond the benefits of being able to keep costs to a minimum for this kind of review, he comes out the other side having not missed a single important point. He is immediately on target about what the information is – and more importantly what it means to you. In my case I had 26 lbs of pleadings – a totally overwhelming volume for anyone – but not for Ali. Ali has a superior absorption and recall ability that regularly left me speechless. The comfort I found in trusting my trial outcome to Ali was reinforced with every interaction. He was brilliant in the courtroom, assuming control and extracting the real truth from those who absolutely did not want to give it. He is alive and passionate and at all times I felt that the case was every bit as important to him as it was to me. With Ali, I won my case on every single issue and every single point … Ali Shahrestani … certainly possesses the wily intelligence but instead finds real hope and gives it to those who need it. He is my lawyer for life! Do yourself the favor of getting to know him.”

– Client Defendant after Successful Business Investment Fraud Trial in Santa Cruz County, February 2, 2011.

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