Iran Demands Entry to World Economy, and Iran Deal Is The Ticket

Criticisms of the Iran Deal are largely focused on trying to prevent Iran from developing a nuclear bomb like the majority of the West already has so that the West will not have to negotiate with Iran on equal bargaining terms regarding economic, political, and social issues. Inevitably, the Third World nations will slowly develop nuclear abilities, and the First World will simply just have to learn how to negotiate on equal playing terms rather than take advantage of the poor nations of the world as if they were children who were supposed to do what they’re told.

The reason we negotiate with hostile nations with nuclear capabilities is because they have military power that cannot be trifled with. It is exactly such power that has accelerated them into the First World economically, socially, and politically. It is this seat at the negotiations table that will ultimately bring more peace, progressive policies, and economic and cultural infrastructure to the Third World.

By isolating Third World nations, the great majority of which maintain policies that are disagreeable to us, Western nations including the United States simply create a more hostile situation there and for the world. America’s resistance to an Iran with nuclear capabilities is not ultimately what it is marketed to be in the media: some fear of a nuclear apocalypse. The world’s Super Powers already have nuclear capabilities and have had such for decades, including America’s main military foes Russia and China. Not only have we not blown ourselves up yet, but in fact we have made great strides in international peace and development at the negotiations table with these opposing Super Powers.

Iran simply needs to be a part of the discussion, as well it should be. By lifting sanctions and allowing them to enter into the economic and political international bazaar, we are encouraging international peace in the Middle East and a more progressive Iran rather than the opposite. Hopefully we will learn that it is by lifting economic sanctions rather than imposing nuclear limitations on Third World nations such as Iran that we shall encourage a more equitable international marketplace and a greater chance for world peace and human survival. If that is truly our mission, then thus is the path, not by creating isolated and hostile Third World enemies to add to our First World ones.


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