Read the Signs or Fall in the Ditch: Good Advice on Things To Do and Not Do

Don’t ever for any reason do anything to anyone for any reason ever … no matter what … no matter where … or who or who you are with … or where you are going … or where you’ve been … ever … for any reason … whatsoever.

– Michael Scott, The Office

– Ali Shahrestani 🙂

Typically people plug their ears as soon as they hear anything that sounds like advice, and then they pay dearly for it when they’ve made a terrible mistake. Here’s an ounce of prevention for you in the form of some good general advice that I’ve picked up over the years about a range of subjects:

1) If you operate a business, exercise your right to refuse service. Your clients can impact you professionally and financially, for better or worse. So choose your clients carefully. It’s never worth short-changing your instincts on this one, regardless of the temptation to sell your product.
2) There’s a right tool for every job. Let the professionals handle it, and choose your professionals wisely using the highest criteria.
3) Break-ups get ugly. When choosing a mate, remember you’re bringing somebody into your inner sanctum – your most sacred sphere of life. Be choosy. Make a long, very detailed list of characteristics you need, things you won’t tolerate, and things you’d like to have or do without. Be very specific about the details of the person you seek, inside and out. If you’re vague, you’ll interpret a vague list indiscriminately as soon as passion or lust knocks on your door. Certainly passion and chemistry should be on any list, but there’s so much more. Get detailed.
4) Measure up to your own list.
5) Careful who you take advice or criticism from. Take it from where it comes.
6) Get things in writing, and keep your promises without complaint. Well-drafted written agreements help us avoid conflict. An honorable attitude towards your agreements are even more important.
7) Treat others as you would like to be treated. The anonymity afforded by modern society offers the mirage of a harbor for wrong-doers. Your character and conscience follow you into the darkest corners. You cannot outrun yourself, and your deeds will touch every fabric of your life.
8) Follow the law, even the laws that should be changed – that’s what political action is for.
9) Be environmentally responsible. Reduce your consumption and limit your purchases to things you need, not more to shove into the closet. Reuse what you buy to make it go the long haul. Recycle. Compost. Remember that goods come from natural resources, and remember where it ends up. Consider the impact of it all. The connection between the environment, the economy, public health, and social conflict is clearly documented. Our environment affects us – let’s keep this place clean and safe for all of us.
10) Eat well and exercise regularly. Your body is your temple. When it’s ailing, you’ll regret it.
11) Do your best. Set high and achievable goals, and go after them with integrity.
12) Acknowledge your faults, be honest about them, and do your best to remedy them. People do so much more damage to themselves and society when they try to cover up a mistake or failing.
13) Chill out. Don’t be obsessive. Sometimes it’s just not worth it, even when you’re absolutely in-the-right. Pick your battles and move on.
14) Keep it real.
15) Be a good student and a good teacher, and know when the proper role fits. Respect quality, intelligence, ability, and talent. Learn from those with such traits. And share your talents with those who respect them.

Of course, this list is not legal advice, it does not create an Attorney-Client relationship, and it is for entertainment purposes only. To speak with me about your legal concerns, please set up an Initial Consultation through this website. Thank you.


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