Jerry Brown wins third term as California’s Governor

After serving as Governor of California for two terms before term limits were passed in 1990, and serving as Mayor of Oakland, California for two terms, today Jerry Brown won the 2010 election as California’s new Governor, succeeding Arnold Schwarzenegger. During Jerry Brown’s years as Oakland’s Mayor, the city saw the increase of industrialization, pollution, and violence. For this reason, Oakland Mayor Ron Dellums’ mayoral campaign, which came on the heels of Mayor Brown’s departure from the post, focused on reversing these problems in an effort to gain popularity amongst the underserved African-American, Asian-American, and other ethnic minorities, environmentalists, and low income populations in the diverse city, groups that were very dissatisfied with Mayor Brown’s work. Californians should be concerned about what Governor Jerry Brown is going to do to the State, especially now that it is faced with very serious housing, foreclosure, environmental justice, police brutality, racial discrimination, and crime problems – the very problems that Governor Brown mishandled during his two terms as Mayor of Oakland.



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